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Jul '17


Copenhagen Zoo

The breakfast at this hotel had also had rave reviews online, but when we tried it we thought the one in Bergen was better. It was still decent, though, so we enjoyed that before starting our day. Our first move was to take a bus a little away towards Fredericksberg where there is an old palace and gardens. In the 1700s the royalty did use it, but eventually they moved elsewhere and it was left empty. I think now it is offices for some military branch, but the massive gardens there are open to the public. We walked just a fraction of them. Many people were jogging or walking and you can even take little row boats through the mini river there. The interesting part is that right next to this is the Copenhagen Zoo. It is built right next door, sharing a fence, in such a way that you can enjoy the elephant enclosure from the public park! Once we were satisfied with the park we walked around and paid to go into the zoo itself.

It was okay as zoos go. Highlights included a polar bear swimming laps, a greedy otter hoarding all the food, goat petting area, babies in almost every habitat, and discovering that a mousedeer is an adorable and strange little animal. They also had surprisingly good food for a zoo. I would say it was a successful day.

We took the bus back to the hotel to regroup and then set out into the Vesterbro area to sample some beers and bars. Our first stop was the small and minimalist Mikkeller bar. We stayed a while and had two beers each, trying out different brews from their company. After that we walked over to the old meat packing district where a warehouse has been turned into meat smoking and beer brewing company called War Pigs. It was pretty populated when we arrived, but big enough that there was plenty of room. We got beers first, and I found that one to be my favorite of the night. Given that the speciality of that place was smoked meats Eric was excited to try them and was all set for dinner. I saw they had mac and cheese as a side dish so I decided I would just get that and be fine with it. Apparently they were prepared to turn that into a main dish, though, and with a small wait I had a really fancy dish of baked mac and cheese topped with three kinds of onions and “meatballs” of more smokey spicy cheese. It was amazing. So much credit to this smokehouse that can prepare such a nice meal for vegetarians. We finished our visit there with an ice cream sandwich made of two chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream, and half dipped in chocolate, thanks to Ken for the tip on that! It was great.

After a short walking tour of the rest of the meatpacking district, which was very crowded and bustling, we went back to the hotel to relax and pack for the flight home.