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Aug '08


Coffee the Bunny

Wondering why the top to her cage is over on the floor

Sooo we got a bunny! Her name is Coffee, and she is an all black, 2 year old mini-rex. These are pictures of her coming home and also exploring her new surroundings.

She is really curious and likes to explore wherever she can. For some reason, though, between leaving her old home and arriving here she forgot how to get in and out of her cage! So we’ve been having to take the whole top off so she can hop right out. Just yesterday though we built her some steps and she figured out how to use those to get in and out. So now she’s a free bunny! Even tried to sneak out past Eric while he was giving her breakfast this morning.

Coffee is the softest thing I have ever touched, and she loves having her head stroked. She’ll lay down and let you pet her for as long as you want. She also enjoys throwing her toys around, and occasionally digging or pushing things.

So here are some pictures of Coffee bunny playing and exploring.

Check out a video of her after the break!

[flashvideo filename=videos/Coffee.flv /]