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Dec '12


Christmas Cookies

We had some really truly terrible rain this past weekend. It was like the opening to The Cat in the Hat in that Eric and I didn’t know what to do when we couldn’t go outside! The gray skies and horizontal rain were just beggin’ for some bakin’. Not bacon. And since we are now officially in the holiday season, I thought we should do some of those cute little spritz cookies everyone likes.

The nice thing about these cookies is they don’t take many ingredients. I happened to have not many ingredients on hand that day! The one thing they do take a lot of, though, is butter. 3 sticks, in fact! Luckily I had enough butter, along with all the other cookie basics, so we were able to play in the kitchen all morning.

Eric and I both had a lot of fun using the cookie press. We have one battery operated one and one hand pumped one, but we went with the battery operated one that day. After getting the hang of how long to hold the button down we were churning out cookies pretty quick. The most fun part, of course, is choosing which plate to use in the press! I think we ended up using 5 different plates, and ended up with probably about 80 little cookies.

The fun didn’t stop at the cookies themselves, oh no. Some of the cookies just cried out for cherry centers. Others needed to be dipped in chocolate and rolled in sprinkles! I finally got to use up the Mickey Head sprinkles I bought last Christmas, haha. Also, Eric was rather disappointed that I didn’t make the tree cookies with green food coloring, but I was feeling lazy. It was a gray, rainy morning and I didn’t feel like portioning out my batter. Sue me. Unfortunately, the only other green we had was full sized sprinkles which only sort of made up for it. The lesson I will take from this is I should keep sanding sugar in a rainbow of colors on hand at all times.