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Sep '14


Box from Sept. 11

Box box box. 1 bunch rainbow carrots 1 pound green beans 2 Bartlett pears 2 Gala apples 2 black plums 1 Hass avocado 1 Keitt mango 1 bag of red grapes Most this box was readily snackable, and I did so. But I have to show you guys… this avocado… it was huge! Huge and delicious. The green beans were the only part of this box that really got cooked or used in a meal…. (more)

Sep '14


Box from Aug. 28

Man, I’ve been slacking on these boxes. Here is the last box I received. 1 bunch broccoli 1 bunch celery 1 bag red grapes 1 pound red potatoes 1 cucumber 2 yellow nectarines 2 bartlett pears The (roasted) potatoes and (steamed) broccoli went alongside our usual chicken/fish dinner, but I forgot to take a photo. Everything else was just eaten as you may expect. The end. Since I have so little to share here, maybe… (more)

Aug '14


Box from Aug. 14

1 cucumber 1 bunch broccoli 1 Gravenstein Apple 1 Valencia orange 4 Bartlett pears 4 red pluots 1 box mission figs 1 pound red potatoes I sadly don’t have much to say about this box again, because we were out of town and also home with company for a lot of these 2 weeks. The box got sort of pushed aside. I did eat most of the fruit, the cucumber, and the broccoli. The figs… (more)

Aug '14


Box from July 31

This box brought me… 1 mini watermelon 2 red pluots 3 peacotums 2 valenica oranges 1 bunch carrots 1 pound heirloom tomatoes 1 bunch lettuce 1 bunh rainbow chard 1 ear bi-color corn You all probably just said, what the hell is a peacotum. I know I did. It’s a weird little fruit hybrid of a peach, apricot, and plum. I ate them, but I wasn’t a huge fan actually. I wouldn’t say they had… (more)

Jul '14


2 Boxes!

Oh my goodness, I need to get back on track here. I missed putting up a box post a while ago. I got thrown off due to a 2 week vacation where I actually cancelled a delivery that was scheduled to come while we were gone. So for some reason the one just prior to that never made it on here. Unfortunately, since then my camera has been wiped clean and any photos I had… (more)

Jun '14


Box from June 5

I have lots and lots of photos this time to make up for last time! I got… 1 head of lettuce 1 bunch of kale 1 bunch of carrots 1 pound of potatoes 2 valencia oranges 6 flavorosa pluots 2 white peaches 3 yellow nectarines 1 globe eggplant It’s that kind of season. Yum. I thought it could be fun to show you what happens to this stuff after I photograph it. It all gets… (more)

Jun '14


Box from May 22

1lb butterball potatoes 1 Eureka lemon 3 Valencia oranges 2 Yellow nectarines 1 bunch carrots 1 bunch chard 1 head lettuce 1 box blueberries I truly have nothing to say about this box. I ate all of it. Most of the time during this box’s lifespan we were out of the house either hiking or traveling across the country so there wasn’t much time for creativity anyway. Here is the one other food photo I… (more)

May '14


Box from May 8

Is it box time again already!? I feel like I just did this… 2 oranges 1 hass avocado 1 box of strawberries Half pound of german butterball potatoes Shallots 1 bulb fennel 1 stalk rhubarb 1 bunch radishes Pretty good haul this week! Not a lot of ready to eat items, so that’s always fun. I did eat the oranges for lunch at work, and I cut the avocado on top of a side salad… (more)

May '14


Box from April 24

1 head of lettuce 1 bulb fennel 1 bunch carrots 3 shallots 1 avocado 3 valencia oranges 1 box strawberries I really truly have very few photos of this box. It just wasn’t that interesting. I ate the carrots, strawberries, and oranges raw. The avocado I put on some tacos I believe, but I didn’t take any photos of our taco night this time around. The lettuce went into our regular salads. The only things… (more)

Apr '14


Box from April 10

I feel like I don’t have much to say about this box, but we’ll take a look. 1 bunch of kale 1 bunch of carrots 1 bulb of fennel 3 spring onions 2 apples 4 mandarin oranges 1 hass avocado 1 box of strawberries Okay so the obvious ones that I just ate: carrots, apples, oranges, and strawberries. The kale became kale chips, and the avocado was sliced on top of some tacos for a… (more)

Apr '14


Box from March 27

I have so many pictures for you guys this time!! Let’s start with the unpacking photo. 1 head of lettuce 1 head of red cabbage Bunch of celery Bunch of asparagus Bunch of carrots Box of strawberries 2 avocados 1 lemon I had so many delicious things come from this box! The only thing that I will gloss over is the strawberries. We ate those. Yum. Oh and the avocados went onto some sandwiches I… (more)

Mar '14


Box from March 13

I’m making my box post early! That’s new. Bunch of carrots Bunch of broccoli Bunch of radishes Head of lettuce Pound of purple potatoes 2 ruby red grapefruits 3 apples 2 navel oranges So to get the easy stuff out of the way first, I ate lettuce as salads, I ate the carrots raw, I ate the apples and oranges as snacks and lunches, and I also ate the grapefruits. I usually say I don’t… (more)