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Oct '15


Fall Foods

Hey everyone. I know it has been a really long time since I posted here. I guess I’ve been busy traveling and working and baking for money (yay!). Aside from all that, though, the boxes just became super repetitive to the point that I felt bad posting the same thing all the time. I still get them every other week as I always have, and I still use them in the same ways. But that’s… (more)

Apr '15


Boxes in March and April

I have been so busy with my new job and some travel I haven’t very interesting in the kitchen and also haven’t had time to update these posts. I’m going to do a double box post here very quickly before the next one comes later this week. Back to back boxes! I’m just going to list in total what I got between these two. 1 lb Amarosa fingerling potatoes 1lb fingerling sweet potatoes 4 Cameo… (more)

Mar '15


Box from March 5

In this box… 1lb sweet potatoes 1 rube grapefruit 1 bunch broccoli 1 head of lettuce 2 cameo apples 1 opal apple 1 hass avocado 1 bunch asparagus This box really has very little to share. The lettuce became salads and also went into lunch wraps with the avocado, the fruit was eaten for lunches and snacks, the broccoli was steamed for side dishes, and that leaves the sweet potato and the asparagus. I was… (more)

Mar '15


Box from Feb. 19

This box has…. 1lb red potatoes 1lb brussels sprouts 1lb red onions 1 head of romanesco 1 tangelo 1 Hass avocado 1 bosc pear Most of this box I just used in the usual ways. Eating the fruits for lunch, slicing the avocado into a sandwich, and steaming the romanesco like it was broccoli. I was most excited for the brussels sprouts in this box actually. I wanted to get them to be crispy the… (more)

Feb '15


Box from February 5

Box! 1 head of lettuce 1 bunch of broccoli 1 hass avocado 1 Fuji apple 1 Braeburn apple 1 blood orange 3 Navel oranges 3 D’anjou pears 1 meyer lemon 1lb red potatoes So apparently I didn’t take any interesting photos this box. Bummer, eh? I think it’s probably because most of it went to snacks. I’m sure the lettuce went into salads, and I’m sure I ┬ásteamed the broccoli as a side dish because… (more)

Feb '15


Box from Jan. 22

I was really excited for this box, I think I mentioned last week. So let’s jump in… 2 red onions 1lb ruby crescent potatoes 1 butternut squash 1 bulb of garlic 3 navel oranges 3 pink lady apples 1 fennel 1 bartlett pear 1 green onion 1 bunch of carrots The pear, apples, oranges, and carrots were all fantastic raw snacks as always. What I was really excited about was the red onion, fennel, and… (more)

Jan '15


Box from Jan. 8

I think I have some pretty cool things to share this time around, even though it seems like it has been a long while… 1 pound fingerling sweet potatoes 1 bunch beets 1 bunch broccoli 1 head of lettuce 2 navel oranges 3 fuji apples 1 pound blood oranges 3 d’anjou pears What a great box, right? I was so excited for everything in here. I can tell you the fruits were all delicious and… (more)

Dec '14


Box from Dec. 4

There was some gap in my box deliveries because of Thanksgiving, just like there will be again due to Christmas and New Years. In the meantime, though, here is the last box I got a couple weeks ago. 2 bunches Nantes Carrots 1 King Richard leek 1lb sweet potatoes 1/2lb yellow onion 1 delicata squash 1 Meyer lemon 3 Gala apples 2 Navel oranges 2 Bosc pears 2 D’Anjou pears This box was clearly heavy… (more)

Dec '14


Box from Nov. 13

Haven’t had a box in a few weeks now due to Thanksgiving coming right in the middle. Regardless, I have many pictures to share in this post! 1lb purple fingerling potatoes 3 Bosc pears 3 Cameo apples 1 lemon 1lb satsuma mandarins 1 bunch nantes carrots 1lb leeks 1 bunch spinach I ate the carrots, mandarins, apples, and pears. The spinach I used among salads. The lemon I actually still have, but it will stay… (more)

Nov '14


Box from Oct. 23

I don’t think I did much exciting with this box, but I still have lots of pictures this time around! 1 Delicata squash 2 King Richard leeks 2 D’Anjou pears 3 Red Bartlett pears 4 Gala apples 1 Hass avocado 1 bunch Nantes carrots 1 bunch broccoli So mostly I ate this box as snacks. The pears, apples, and carrots, anyway. The broccoli was steamed for a side dish one night as usual. I made… (more)

Oct '14


Box from Oct. 9

1lb Russian Banana Potato 1 spaghetti squash 1lb red onions 2 Bartlett pears 1 bunch rainbow carrots 2 Gala apples 1 bag black grapes 1 head of lettuce As usual the grapes, apples, pears, and carrots were all eaten raw. I really love that I don’t have to buy those things at the store anymore, honestly. The lettuce went into salads, another item I enjoy not having to pick up at the grocery store. That… (more)

Oct '14


Box from Sep. 25

1lb sweet potato 2 Bartlett pears 1 box kiwiberries 1 bulb fennel 2 Red Bartlett pears 2 Gala apples 1 bunch Lacinato Kale 1 bag black grapes This was a very tasty box. All the fruit went quickly, and the apples arrived just in time for Rosh Hashana. I was able to enjoy them with some local honey from Eric’s coworker and a pomegranate off of my backyard tree (this is also why there is… (more)