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Jan '18


Eric’s 31st Birthday

My birthday fell on a weekend this year so a Tahoe trip was mandatory. We rented a nice house in South Lake and spent the weekend boarding, sous-vide’ing, and hot tubbing. Excellent trip all around.

Dec '17


Christmas 2017

Eric’s parents came to visit us for Christmas this year! We were so excited to be able to celebrate the holiday with family in our house for the first time. We also took a small trip to Tahoe which was super fun even if there wasn’t quite enough snow.

Nov '17


Yosemite Fall 2017

We were super lucky and snagged a last minute camp site at Upper Pines right in the valley. We have been to Yosemite so many times now, but always managed to stay in different places and do different hikes so far. Even though the stunning views are basically the same every time now, we have also seen them in all the different seasons. The golden color on some of the trees was particularly nice this… (more)

Nov '17


Halloween 2017

This Halloween season was pretty awesome. We started with a bike ride along the coast to a beach we enjoy, choosing our own pumpkins from a farm across the way from the coastal bike trail, decorating the house, carving the pumpkins, putting a costume on the dog, passing out candy with our neighbors, and best of all: going to Disneyland! We have been to Disneyland for the Christmas stuff, but never for the Halloween stuff,… (more)

Sep '17


6th Anniversary

So Eric and I have been married for 6 years, that’s pretty awesome. This year we dragged our celebration out for like 2 weeks. We started with a small local hike and one night backpack trip that we had done once before back in 2015. We thought it would be an awesome way to spend our anniversary night, but it turned out to be way colder and way more intensely windy than we expected. Not… (more)

Jul '17


Leaving Scandinavia

Our last morning of the trip! We had breakfast at the hotel one last time, and then checked out. We left our bags at the hotel and walked into the main part of town to do a little souvenir shopping and say goodbye to Copenhagen. As far as the actual cities go I think Copenhagen was my favorite, a place I’d like to spend more time or could see myself being in regularly. Second place… (more)

Jul '17


Copenhagen Zoo

The breakfast at this hotel had also had rave reviews online, but when we tried it we thought the one in Bergen was better. It was still decent, though, so we enjoyed that before starting our day. Our first move was to take a bus a little away towards Fredericksberg where there is an old palace and gardens. In the 1700s the royalty did use it, but eventually they moved elsewhere and it was left… (more)

Jul '17


Carlsberg Brewery

Happy 4th of July from Stockholm! We checked out of the hotel and grabbed a taxi to Stockholm Central Station. We had a little time before our train so we bought a chocolate muffin, a kanelbulle and a chocolate ball. We discovered chocolate balls the day before in Gamla Stan. We had gone into a locally made chocolate shop and bought an assortment of their chocolate truffles, but also a traditional Swedish confection called chocolate… (more)

Jul '17


Gamla Stan

It was another slow Monday morning for us. Eventually we ended up back at Cafe Albert for a latte and kanelbulle. The goal for this day was to explore Gamla Stan, the old town. It claims to be one of the best preserved old towns in all of Europe. It was the original entirety of Stockholm before the city began to expand to other islands, and also houses the Royal Palaces which were previously the… (more)

Jul '17



We slept much better than the night before and enjoyed another slow leisurely morning. Eventually we wandered out of the hotel to a cafe on the street behind where we had some pastries and coffee/hot chocolate on the street. It was a very nice morning. We took the travel cards we had purchased the day before to the tram stop in front of the hotel and rode over to Djurgården again, this time to an… (more)

Jul '17


Vasa Museum

Our last morning, and last opportunity for delicious breakfast in this Bergen hotel. We savored the final breakfast there and then finished packing up for our flight. Our plan was to check out, walk about two blocks to a bus stop, buy bus tickets at the kiosk, and then take the airport bus from there. Seemed super straight forward, convenient, and the plan had been verified with the front desk staff. It was going well… (more)

Jun '17


Mount Fløyen

We made it a priority to head down to the breakfast again today. It was the same as the day before, but that means it was excellent. I tried their coffee this time, and more of the Norwegian brown cheese. Once we were full we spent some time in the room reorganizing our bags. We had more dirty stuff than clean stuff at this point, and a flight planned for the next day, so it… (more)