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Jul '17


Vasa Museum

Our last morning, and last opportunity for delicious breakfast in this Bergen hotel. We savored the final breakfast there and then finished packing up for our flight. Our plan was to check out, walk about two blocks to a bus stop, buy bus tickets at the kiosk, and then take the airport bus from there. Seemed super straight forward, convenient, and the plan had been verified with the front desk staff. It was going well… (more)

Jun '17


Mount Fløyen

We made it a priority to head down to the breakfast again today. It was the same as the day before, but that means it was excellent. I tried their coffee this time, and more of the Norwegian brown cheese. Once we were full we spent some time in the room reorganizing our bags. We had more dirty stuff than clean stuff at this point, and a flight planned for the next day, so it… (more)

Jun '17



Day 9 of our trip and officially over the halfway mark. We woke up hating the room a little less than when we went to sleep. We had slept very comfortably, and the shower was pretty good in the morning. We were excited to try the magnificent breakfast everyone had raved about online. When we got down to the lobby we could see that it was indeed probably the biggest breakfast spread we’d ever see… (more)

Jun '17


Norway in a Nutshell

The 5:15am alarm was not pleasant, but the fact that the sun had been up for an over an hour already did help us wake up. We packed up our belongings and went downstairs to check out and wait for our porter. He came right on time at 6am to collect our bags and payment. He confirmed where the bags were going and that we would be arriving the same night, and then he was… (more)

Jun '17


Last Day in Oslo

We managed to make it to the hotel breakfast this time, and found it was a pretty decent buffet. It was similar to the cruise ship one in that it had scrambled eggs and bacon for the Americans, small sausages and baked beans for the Brits, and sliced cheeses, meats, and fresh vegetables for the Scandinavians. There were also yogurts, cereals, and fresh fruits. Not a bad breakfast. Our first stop of the day was… (more)

Jun '17


Akershus and Holmenkollen

We were very slow getting out this morning actually, such that we missed the free hotel breakfast. Oops. Thankfully staying in a hotel adjoining the train station has its perks and we were able to get pastries very easily. Our first stop of the day was to explore Akershus Castle and Fortress. It was a nice walk from the hotel, and we were grateful for Google Maps because it seems hard to find the entrance… (more)

Jun '17


Bygdøy Museums

I slept pretty well, even though the pillow was basically a pancake. Eric said he woke up for a while around 2:30am because the ship was rocking so bad. He said he could hear items sliding and rolling around in the distance. I guess because it was a fairly small ship and because the weather was extremely windy and borderline rainy the waves were very noticeable. We went to the buffet again for breakfast, and… (more)

Jun '17


Leaving Copenhagen

We lounged around and had a slow start for the morning. Packed up our bags and checked out of the hotel. We asked if they could hold our bags while we went out for the morning. They said sure, we could just leave our bags in the lobby against the wall and they’ll watch them. So we did. Pretty different kind of security and trust than we are used to. So we took off to… (more)

Jun '17


Rosenborg and Tivoli

We woke up around 7:30 this morning, but didn’t really get moving for a while. Either there was less excitement outside overnight or we just got better sleep, but we weren’t too bothered by any noise or the early sunrise this time. Eventually we made our way out and down to a cafe called Coffee Factory. I enjoyed a coffee, Eric enjoyed a hot chocolate, and we each had a chocolate croissant for breakfast. It… (more)

Jun '17


Helsingør and Bakken

Similar to our first night experience in Iceland, we went to bed around 8:30ish and woke up around 4:30ish. That’s actually fairly typical for me at home during work nights, but not cool on vacation. The worst part is that while it was fully sunny out when we got in bed, it was also fully sunny when we awoke at 4:30. Yay… Also our gorgeous view of the shops and canal of Nyhavn left us… (more)

Jun '17


Arriving to Copenhagen

Our flight actually took off from San Francisco on Tuesday June 20, but we didn’t land until Wednesday so that’s where I decided to begin. We had some pretty good food on the flight, plenty of free movies to choose from, and we slept a few hours. Upon arriving at the Copenhagen airport we encountered the worst passport control check we had ever seen. There were three officers checking for all non-European passport holders, and… (more)

Apr '17


Last day in Iceland and Party

Last morning in Iceland we woke up to beautiful sunny skies. We started some laundry and walked down to the water to take pictures with the Sun Voyager statue. On our walk back it started snowing on us because it’s Iceland. We grabbed the car and drove to the National Museum where we spent an hour or so enjoying the artifacts and more exhibits about Iceland. We had already heard most of the stories and… (more)