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May '14


Snow Mountain Wilderness

Evey alone on the mountain

This Memorial Day there were no trees that needed to be hunted down. Instead we planned a long weekend to use our brand new backpacks! The drive from San Jose up to Snow Mountain Wilderness on Friday afternoon took a lot longer than we expected. Holiday traffic made getting out of the Bay Area pretty bad, and then the last 2.5 hours of the drive were on 25 miles of unmaintained gravel and dirt roads…. (more)

May '14


Castle Rock

Trail goes under this bent tree

Just a half an hour from us is Castle Rock State Park. This is a very popular rock climbing spot due to the crazy rock formations and great access. We didn’t rock climb there this weekend, though Eric has in the past. We planned a 6 mile hike this time. It took us through a lot of different views and terrains. There was a lot of manzanita, some running creeks, a few young redwood groves,… (more)

Apr '14


Redwood Regional Park

Second growth redwoods

I don’t have much to say about this hike. It was about 4 miles round trip. Started on a ridge, dipped into a valley, followed a creek through some second growth redwoods, and came back up on the opposite ridge. This is just east of Oakland in a park where there used to be lots of redwood trees before they were all chopped down for building materials in the mid to late 1800s. Now there… (more)

Feb '14


Snowshoeing Yosemite

All four of us for once

Eric and I have been to Yosemite many times now. This year we even bought a season pass there. For all the times we’ve gone there, though, we have never enjoyed it in the winter. So I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to go to Yosemite in the winter and use that opportunity for Eric to try snowshoeing for the first time? Yay! Unfortunately this particular winter has been unseasonably dry, but we still managed…. (more)

Feb '14


Sweeney Ridge

Evey and the sign

I haven’t been very active recently, and was just itching to get out on a good hike. Eric went snowboarding yesterday so I researched something fun we could do today that wouldn’t be miserable for him. I decided on this 5 mile hike in Pacifica that goes to the site where Gaspar de Portola first discovered the San Francisco Bay. We had a gorgeous 65 degree sunny day for hiking and enjoyed our activity. Since… (more)

Nov '13


Desolation Wilderness Backpacking

Group shot at break time!

We’ve been talking with Kyle and Krista about going on a backpacking trip for quite some time. Finally we all found a date that worked for us so we planned a little one night overnight trip to Desolation Wilderness. The plan was to do about 6 miles the first day, camp at a lake up there that is known for having good flat areas, and then finish another 7+ or so miles the second day…. (more)

Sep '13


Russian Ridge

Looks like the ocean over there

This website makes it looks like we haven’t done anything in a month! I guess we haven’t had any big adventures, but we’ve ridden our bikes around and enjoyed our fire pit and been busy on the weekends. Today we went out to Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve for a little 5 mile hike in the hills. Not much to say, though we did see a coyote trot out from the tall grass and cross… (more)

May '13


Redwood National Park

We sat and watched this elk eat grass for a long time

Continuing on our theme from last year, our Memorial Day trip this year revolved around trees. I could only hope that the trip out to the trees this year went more smoothly than the one last year, which you can read about here. Thankfully the drive up was uneventful and we arrived to set up camp around 10pm, which is infinitely better than 4am in the snow. This time around we were camping in Prairie… (more)

Apr '13


Pinnacles National Monument

Very unique formations

The plan for today was to drive down to Pinnacles and hike an 8.5 mile trail. We knew it would be tough, and we were prepared for a difficult ascent with a great payoff and easy return. Unfortunately when we got there, the main parking lots were already all full so our only options were to take a shuttle to a place that was not our trailhead, or add an extra 1.5 miles each way… (more)

Mar '13


Kings Canyon

Awesome sheer face

Up at 4:30 again to get started on a 6km hike in order to finish it before the sun got brutal. We got started on the hike around 6:30ish, and it began with 400 steps naturally formed out of the rock. This was easily my favorite hike and location we went to. The landscape was unlike anything I’d done before, and really fun to hike over. We learned a lot more about the geology on… (more)

Mar '13


Kata Tjuta

Sun breaking up over the ground

We got up at 4:30am, packed up our swags, had a little breakfast, and drove out to see the sun rise over Uluru and Kata Tjuta. It was a beautiful experience, and we stood there for about an hour or so just watching the change. Our hike for the day was a 7.4km walk around Kata Tjuta, with quite a bit more learning about the geology of central australia, and some more sacred aboriginal sites…. (more)

Mar '13



That's the red we came for

We woke up very early to be picked up by the Emu Run tour and go on our outback adventure! There were 19 people in our group plus the guide. After everyone was on the bus we had a long 500km drive out to Uluru. There were some stops along the way for bathroom breaks, getting fuel, and one place that offered short camel rides. This stop also had a resident dingo who acted very… (more)