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Nov '17


Yosemite Fall 2017

We were super lucky and snagged a last minute camp site at Upper Pines right in the valley. We have been to Yosemite so many times now, but always managed to stay in different places and do different hikes so far. Even though the stunning views are basically the same every time now, we have also seen them in all the different seasons. The golden color on some of the trees was particularly nice this… (more)

Sep '17


6th Anniversary

So Eric and I have been married for 6 years, that’s pretty awesome. This year we dragged our celebration out for like 2 weeks. We started with a small local hike and one night backpack trip that we had done once before back in 2015. We thought it would be an awesome way to spend our anniversary night, but it turned out to be way colder and way more intensely windy than we expected. Not… (more)

Jan '17


Eric’s 30th Birthday

Happy 30th birthday, Eric! Hard to believe we were only 18 when we first met and we’re celebrating your 30th birthday after spending all the time in between going through life together. Pretty crazy. Anyway, for his birthday we started out the day with special birthday waffles, and then went out to enjoy some bowling and the batting cages. Our local bowling alley is actually pretty awesome, and they were playing The Princess Bride on… (more)

Jan '17


Holidays and New Years Eve 2016

This year Eric and I got to experience the holidays in our very own house! It was a lot of fun to decorate and experiment with new traditions and have new experiences. It wasn’t our first Christmas tree, but it was our first time having a house to deck out in lights, and feel like we could envision celebrating here for a long time. Unfortunately we had to spend much of it apart, but we… (more)

Nov '16


Butano Camping

We had been hiking at Butano State Park once before, but never camped there. Actually, we weren’t planning to camp there this time, either, but it’s a long story. Basically, our original camping plans were down near Big Sur in the area of the forest fire that is still burning from the summer. The park service cancelled our reservation due to that, so we replanned to go 5+ hours north toward Lassen and stay at… (more)

Jun '16


Castle Rock with Mom

Mom came to visit for the weekend. We went hiking at Castle Rock. It was hot.

Jan '16


Yosemite in the Snow

We haven’t had real snow here in a couple of years now, so my poor snowshoes have been sitting unused. Eric suggested we take this opportunity to make use of the snow and my snowshoes by going to Yosemite and checking out how the valley looks there in a real winter. So we packed up for a quick overnight trip to Yosemite (yeah, living here does have some perks), and got lucky with a nice… (more)

Sep '15


Skyline Ridge

We went on a hike today. It was 100 degrees and an exposed hike. We saw a rattlesnake. We got gross and dusty.

Sep '15


4th Anniversary Weekend

Our 4th anniversary was maybe the most low key so far as we didn’t even spend a night away from home. I guess they can’t all be hot air balloons and helicopters! But we had a great time anyway. Friday, our actual anniversary, we had dinner out at a great tapas place in Mountain View and then went to a local observatory and looked through their telescope at the stars. So that was a pretty… (more)

Apr '15


Pine Mountain Trail

We hadn’t been hiking in a while and it seemed like maybe we should get used to it again before our upcoming trip. We picked a moderate hike that ascended about 2.5 miles and 1000 feet up to a point called Buzzard’s Roost, and then back down the same way. It was quite cold at the beginning as we were in the mountains and shaded by the redwoods, but as we came up out of… (more)

Feb '15


Black Mountain Backpacking

We have been wanting to get camping again for quite some time, and even better if we can get use our nice backpacks! We found a great hike in campground with 4 sites that is ¬†only a 30 minute drive from our house up in the open spaces overlooking the valley. We hiked the 2 miles in after an early workday on Friday and were able to enjoy the entire campground to ourselves that evening…. (more)

Jan '15


Weekend with Buffy

Buffy came over for the weekend. We went hiking and dirt biking.