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Sep '15


4th Anniversary Weekend

Our 4th anniversary was maybe the most low key so far as we didn’t even spend a night away from home. I guess they can’t all be hot air balloons and helicopters! But we had a great time anyway. Friday, our actual anniversary, we had dinner out at a great tapas place in Mountain View and then went to a local observatory and looked through their telescope at the stars. So that was a pretty… (more)

Sep '15


Parents Visit 2015

Eric’s parents came out to spend about 10 days with us again this summer. It was a busy visit with lots of fun activites including a mid-week trip to Tahoe, driving along the coast between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz, biking across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, and riding motorcycles. We had pretty great weather the entire time and overall another successful visit with family!

Jan '15


Eric’s 28th Birthday

Eric had a lovely 28th birthday. He opened presents, ate a special cake, and then later in the week we went out to dinner with some friends. Eric had been eyeing up a Brazilian steak house place for a while, so this was a great opportunity to check that out. Happy birthday, Eric!

Jan '15


Apple Holiday Party 2014

This year the Apple Holiday Party was at the California Academy of Sciences. They basically rented out the whole place for their event which meant I got to go see the museum for free! They had set up food stations and bars all in and around the exhibits on every floor. The food was really amazing, too. Eric’s favorite was the Short Rib Sundae while mine was the fish tacos. Not to mention the amazing… (more)

Apr '14


Evey’s 27th Birthday And Bench

I had an awesome birthday party this weekend, the first one in our beautiful house here. We made full use of the backyard and fire pit to host a bunch of our friends. It was great. Also, this year’s surprise cake was the Disney castle logo! Loved it! Eric also finished his snowboard bench yesterday. It’s built out of redwood 2×4’s and is re-using old snowboards from high school. It will live on our front… (more)

Jan '14


Adventures in January

It’s been a while since we posted, and in that time there have been many holidays and exciting things. We don’t have many photos to share of the holidays or the travel we did then, but we have done quite a few fun things since the new year already. Each activity had only a few handful of pictures so we sort of lumped them all together here! This month included: -Eric snowboarding in Whistler with… (more)

Nov '13


Blake’s California Visit

Our friend Blake came out to visit us in California!! Woohoo!! He has cousins that live very close to us so it was a great opportunity for him to see many of his friends and family all at one. He spent the first part of the week with his cousins and they showed him some local stuff including the usuals of SF. Then we got the weekend and the chance to show him a bit… (more)

Oct '13


Halloween 2013

It’s Halloween time again! If you recall last year’s Halloween  we went for a hike, stopped at a pumpkin farm, and then flew kites on the beach. Well it was so much fun we decided to repeat it again this year! This time we got our pumpkins first, then rode our bikes to the beach and flew the kite. The weather this year was drastically different than last year, though. I think it would be fun… (more)

Sep '13



It has been TWO years! Eric and I have been married for 2 years. Awesome. This year for our anniversary we planned a very relaxing trip to the island of Kauai. Neither of us had been to Hawaii before, so this was a great little trip to take that would be away from home, but not too far. Plus I am always excited when we get to add a pin to the map that was… (more)

Apr '13


Evey’s 26th Birthday

I had a fabulous 26th birthday! On my actual birthday I happened to have the day off work so that was nice. First thing in the morning I opened all the gifts I had received, and was able to talk on the phone with my parents while I did it. Thanks to everyone who sent me a card or gifts, I loved all of them. With my day off  I was able to get some… (more)

Oct '12


Halloween 2012

Even though Halloween 2012 hasn’t actually happened yet, I’m pretty sure most of our participation already has. Last Monday we went to a friend’s Halloween party where all the food was dressed up for the holiday. It was pretty cute. I took my vampire bitten cupcakes and spider cupcakes. Someone else had made stuffed peppers, but carved out Jack O’Lantern faces in the peppers. Things like that. This weekend we went on an easy, but… (more)

Sep '12


Parent’s Visit 2012

My parents came out to visit us for a week, and we had a lot of adventures. Mom and I got manicures, we all took a bus tour of San Francisco, we checked out the redwoods, we visited Santa Cruz, and we flew kites! It was a great visit. Some of the pictures I added are actually my mom’s and can also be found in her albums along with many more. I just stole a… (more)