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Jan '18


Eric’s 31st Birthday

My birthday fell on a weekend this year so a Tahoe trip was mandatory. We rented a nice house in South Lake and spent the weekend boarding, sous-vide’ing, and hot tubbing. Excellent trip all around.

Dec '17


Christmas 2017

Eric’s parents came to visit us for Christmas this year! We were so excited to be able to celebrate the holiday with family in our house for the first time. We also took a small trip to Tahoe which was super fun even if there wasn’t quite enough snow.

Dec '17


Hanukkah 2017

We had such a blast with this year’s Hanukkah we decided to take photos and make an album. The decorations, the latkes, the dreidels, the gifts, and the Kiwi were all top notch this year!

Sep '17


6th Anniversary

So Eric and I have been married for 6 years, that’s pretty awesome. This year we dragged our celebration out for like 2 weeks. We started with a small local hike and one night backpack trip that we had done once before back in 2015. We thought it would be an awesome way to spend our anniversary night, but it turned out to be way colder and way more intensely windy than we expected. Not… (more)

Aug '17


Grandmom and Mom’s Visit 2017

Grandmom and Mom came for a 5 day visit on their western US tour. We went to Lick Observatory, Big Basin Redwoods SP, and traveled down the Pacific Coast Highway. It was lots of fun!

Jan '17


Eric’s 30th Birthday

Happy 30th birthday, Eric! Hard to believe we were only 18 when we first met and we’re celebrating your 30th birthday after spending all the time in between going through life together. Pretty crazy. Anyway, for his birthday we started out the day with special birthday waffles, and then went out to enjoy some bowling and the batting cages. Our local bowling alley is actually pretty awesome, and they were playing The Princess Bride on… (more)

Jan '17


Holidays and New Years Eve 2016

This year Eric and I got to experience the holidays in our very own house! It was a lot of fun to decorate and experiment with new traditions and have new experiences. It wasn’t our first Christmas tree, but it was our first time having a house to deck out in lights, and feel like we could envision celebrating here for a long time. Unfortunately we had to spend much of it apart, but we… (more)

Nov '16


Thanksgiving 2016

It has been our tradition to spend Thanksgiving with my family every year. So this year Eric and I flew to Florida to spend a week with my parents. This included visiting Walt Disney World for a few nights, seeing shows and movies, and celebrating the holiday together. We had a blast, and were already tallying up the things we will want to do on our next visit. As much as we love to travel,… (more)

Nov '16


Halloween 2016

This was our first Halloween in our new house! We put up all the decorations we had from before, which didn’t look like much sadly, and then we went and bought some more. We also carved pumpkins which we did not end up doing last year, so that was fun, too. Annnnd we severely overestimated how many kids might come around the neighborhood, so there’s a boatload of leftover candy. Oh well! It was a… (more)

Apr '16


Evey’s 29th Birthday

For the sixth year in a row here in California we have had a little party with some friends for my birthday and they have made me a Disney themed birthday cake!! I actually ended up having 3 separate birthday celebrations, though, so that was fun. One house party before my actual birthday, dinner out with Eric on my ¬†actual birthday, and dinner out with friends later in the week because they couldn’t make the… (more)

Jan '16


Eric’s 29th Birthday

Eric here! For my birthday Evey and I went to batting cages, mini golf, a steakhouse, and finished it off with Curly Baker cake at home. It was a pretty good day.

Nov '15


Thanksgiving 2015

My parents came to visit for Thanksgiving! Yay! They hadn’t been out here since we first moved into the house 2.5 years ago. It was nice to show off some of the upgrades to our house, and also fun to host our first Thanksgiving. On our one touristy day we did the exact same tour we did with Eric’s parents a couple of months ago, so that was fun. We also saw a movie, and… (more)