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Apr '17


Last day in Iceland and Party

Amazing shot of the Sun Voyager

Last morning in Iceland we woke up to beautiful sunny skies. We started some laundry and walked down to the water to take pictures with the Sun Voyager statue. On our walk back it started snowing on us because it’s Iceland. We grabbed the car and drove to the National Museum where we spent an hour or so enjoying the artifacts and more exhibits about Iceland. We had already heard most of the stories and… (more)

Apr '17


Evey’s 30th Birthday

Standing just outside the church

 It’s my 30th birthday!! Woo! Woke up to a lovely birthday card from Eric. We started the day at one of the oldest coffee shops in Iceland, and the first one to own an espresso machine, called Mokka. It was just at the end of our street, and we were the only ones in there on a Monday morning at 10ish. It clearly hasn’t been updated or touched since it opened with dark wood ceilings,… (more)

Apr '17


Golden Circle

There's one now!

Woke up leisurely and showered to start the day. Came out and discovered it was actually snowing! My goodness! It wasn’t sticking because it wasn’t quite cold enough, but it was dropping big fluffy snowflakes everywhere in the city. We got dressed and went across to the street to a little market to buy sandwiches and snacks for our lunch for the day and some pastries for breakfast, then hopped in the car to start… (more)

Apr '17


Snowmobile and Reykjavik

With our ride

We woke up around 8 feeling pretty sleepy due do the interrupted night. Packed up, checked out, and drove about 20 mins to the meeting point for our snowmobile tour. At least this morning was sunny and clear so we had beautiful views driving on the road that we didn’t have before. At the snowmobile place we got suited into big insulated jumpsuits, balaclavas, and helmets. Then we rode in a van about 20 minutes… (more)

Mar '17



Quick take pictures of the Reynisdrangar from the other side with the blue skies!

Slept until 8am, yay! We had a very leisurely morning enjoying the view out of the window of our room and not rushing anywhere. Around 10 or so we headed down to Reynisfjara to enjoy the black sand on the beach, the amazing basalt columns, and the views of the “troll rocks” or “sea stacks”, Reynisdrangar in Icelandic. It was still gray and cloudy but not windy, not cold, and not really raining. Lovely weather… (more)

Mar '17




I was able to sleep a bit better this night, waking up once at 4:30 to pee, but getting back to sleep easily. We had gone to sleep at a more normal evening time, not so early as the previous night, so I think we were quickly getting onto a more local schedule. This morning the plan was to fill up the gas tank and drive 2.5 hours to Jökulsárlón glacier and lagoon. The weather… (more)

Mar '17


Blue Lagoon and Waterfalls

Rainbow over Urridafoss

I woke up at 3:30am feeling very refreshed and awake. Too bad that wasn’t helpful. Stayed up until about 4:30 and finally fell back asleep, then got up again at 7:45. Despite being small and “budget” in other ways, this hotel had a nice free breakfast. Hard boiled eggs, slices cheeses, sliced meats, various breads, tomatoes and cucumbers, cereal and yogurt, melon, coffee, juice, and milk. And a lovely little dining room to eat in…. (more)

Mar '17


Flying to Iceland

Our plane was pink and asked if we were going to Iceland

After working a full day we secured the house and headed to the airport for our flight to Iceland! We both slept on and off during the flight, and eventually landed at Keflavik airport in Iceland! You have to step out on the tarmac and take a shuttle to the terminal, but it’s a short ride. We located bathrooms first thing and were quite excited by the novelty of them. Both the men’s and women’s… (more)

Feb '17


Jackson Hole 2017

Costume party on the mountain!

Took a trip to Jackson Hole with some friends for my 30th birthday.

Jan '17


Eric’s 30th Birthday

Birthday boy with all his new stuff

Happy 30th birthday, Eric! Hard to believe we were only 18 when we first met and we’re celebrating your 30th birthday after spending all the time in between going through life together. Pretty crazy. Anyway, for his birthday we started out the day with special birthday waffles, and then went out to enjoy some bowling and the batting cages. Our local bowling alley is actually pretty awesome, and they were playing The Princess Bride on… (more)

Jan '17


Holidays and New Years Eve 2016

First time putting up lights and decorations on our very own house!

This year Eric and I got to experience the holidays in our very own house! It was a lot of fun to decorate and experiment with new traditions and have new experiences. It wasn’t our first Christmas tree, but it was our first time having a house to deck out in lights, and feel like we could envision celebrating here for a long time. Unfortunately we had to spend much of it apart, but we… (more)

Nov '16


Thanksgiving 2016

Great ending to another Disney Day

It has been our tradition to spend Thanksgiving with my family every year. So this year Eric and I flew to Florida to spend a week with my parents. This included visiting Walt Disney World for a few nights, seeing shows and movies, and celebrating the holiday together. We had a blast, and were already tallying up the things we will want to do on our next visit. As much as we love to travel,… (more)