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Jul '17


Carlsberg Brewery

Happy 4th of July from Stockholm! We checked out of the hotel and grabbed a taxi to Stockholm Central Station. We had a little time before our train so we bought a chocolate muffin, a kanelbulle and a chocolate ball. We discovered chocolate balls the day before in Gamla Stan. We had gone into a locally made chocolate shop and bought an assortment of their chocolate truffles, but also a traditional Swedish confection called chocolate balls. It was a large truffle of soft chocolate and oats rolled in coconut. At the central station we saw chocolate balls for sale that were the size of a fist, and the one from the shop in Gamla Stan was so good we just had to get the giant one for the train ride.

It was no trouble at all to find our train platform. The central station is large and well marked with many shops and amenities. The SJ trains company has an incredible app that I used to not only manage our tickets, but to learn about features on the train, and see live information about our route and where we were. We had paid for first class seats, which were only very slightly more than regular seats. It gave us the front car, a tad more leg room, free coffee/tea/fruit, and free internet. The train also had power at the seats, restrooms, ample luggage storage, and a nice bistro car for everyone. For $50/person we couldn’t have done better for comfortable and easy travel from Stockholm to Copenhagen.

About halfway through we visited the bistro car to see what food options there were. Maybe it’s because everyone bought things early, but there didn’t seem to be a huge selection. I got a little box of glass noodles with tofu and Eric got a box of spiral noodles with lentils, olives, and cheese. Not bad for what they were. There were also some meat based sandwiches, and chips and candy. Unfortunately Eric wasn’t feel very well due to the natural sway of the high speed train. I have to admit that walking was somewhat difficult between cars, maybe moreso than a regular speed train. Glad we sprung for the first class car that felt much roomier than what we observed in the regular cars, plus the unlimited free coffee and fruit/mini muffins was a nice touch.

The 5.5 hour ride went very quickly. We rode over the Øresund bridge which was super exciting for me. And then we pulled into Copenhagen Central. It was a relatively easy 5 minute walk from the station to our next and last hotel where we checked in and rested briefly.

Our first intention on that afternoon back in Copenhagen was to visit the Carlsberg brewery. We took one of trains just a couple stops away and managed to get into the last tour of the day! It was a really fascinating tour focusing on the Jacobsen family who opened the brewery and their personal history as well as the last 150 years of changes at the brewery. This was the oldest continuously operated brewery Eric and I have ever attended so it was fascinating to hear how they excavated the land in the 1840s to make underground cellars and cooled it by hand chiseling ice out of the waters in the winter and packing it inside the walls of the underground tunnels and store rooms. Also the personal history of the father and son of the brewery is super fascinating, although somewhat sad. Great tour overall. You also get a free beer with it and access to walk through a self guided museum with more information about the company and a short visit with the horses in their stables. Overall a great late afternoon activity to reintroduce us to Copenhagen!

Back at the hotel we were deciding where to have a late dinner. We ended up walking to a place called Rosie McGees which sounded to us like an English or Irish pub. We thought we would know roughly to expect. Indeed the interior was dark wood and red fabrics, exactly like you’d expect from a place with that name. Except the menu was all Mexican food! We were a little unsure of what it would be like to eat Mexican food at a British pub in Denmark, but hey why not. We tried the nachos, quesadillas, and fajitas and all in all they were not bad! The salsa was fine, obviously from some jar, but not a bad one. It’s hard to mess up fresh vegetables and cheese, and the tortillas were just fine. We left quite full, although I don’t think I’d prefer having mushrooms, green olives, and sun dried tomatoes in my quesadillas in the future.

Just as we got back to the hotel I noticed some pink and dark blue in the sky. A sunset! We hadn’t seen one of those for most of the trip! To be fair, Copenhagen had the earliest sunset times of our trip (9:53pm that day.. sounds downright early!) so we were most likely to see that there, and this time around we were much more acclimated to the time zone than before. In any case we were excited to see the sunset and still be awake.