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Jul '08


Canobie Lake Park

Today we took a field trip outside the city to check out Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH. Our goal for the weekend was to find some sort of amusement park, and this was the lucky winner on account of price and distance. Smaller than a Six Flags, but still pretty cool.

Had a good wooden roller coaster and a sad little metal one that did two corkscrews then just wrapped around to the start (I think they ran out of budget on this one). Other highlights were this ride where you were on a big skateboard in a half pipe, and some weird caterpillar where the kids would ride in circles covered in retractable fabric. Why? Who knows.

We finished up the day with one of their shows, titled Jump. Evey was very excited since the majority of the dogs were cattle dogs, oddly well behaved ones at that. I was amazed at some of the stuff they were doing, back flips for starters. Found a little pub place next to the big splash ride for lunch. Had mozzarella sticks, sandwiches, and drinks. Evey thought it’d be a bad idea to go on any big rides after drinking her mudslide. She’ll never know the pain I felt year after year at the county fair of going on the scrambler after having a cheese steak and root beer float (after a few years I finally learned).

Check out some of the sights!