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Nov '16


Butano Camping

We had been hiking at Butano State Park once before, but never camped there. Actually, we weren’t planning to camp there this time, either, but it’s a long story. Basically, our original camping plans were down near Big Sur in the area of the forest fire that is still burning from the summer. The park service cancelled our reservation due to that, so we replanned to go 5+ hours north toward Lassen and stay at a site up there and see some waterfalls. But then the weather forecast showed epic amounts of rain going to that area. So we replanned again and found an opening for a site just a couple of days in advance at Butano. They were scheduled to get rain, too, but not like up north and in worst case its only a 90 minute drive home.

It did rain on us. A lot, actually. Our tent and tarps held up pretty darn well, though we learned a few things for any future rainy camping trips. It was dry enough to hike on our full day, but it was so humid we could barely stand it. We aren’t used to that kind of feeling anymore so hiking upwards in thick wet air was pretty miserable. Aside from some soggy gear and not being able to have a fire on the first night, it was a really nice camping trip.