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Oct '12


Busy Baker

So since the last post we have tried our baby bok choy. I just briefly bathed in hot garlic oil and then steamed it for a minute or two. It was still bright green and tasted like garlic. Not a bad side dish even if it wouldn’t be our first pick. No pictures of that, unfortunately.

I also mentioned that last weekend I wasn’t the only one baking! Eric got it in his head to make an apple pie, so I helped him bake it. He did a great job and it came out very well.

This weekend was so full of baking there was hardly time for anything else. We were invited to an Oktoberfest party on Saturday and we had signed up to bring potato salad. So I spent late Friday night making my first ever potato salad. After an intense amount of research into potato salad I more or less followed this recipe here. No pictures, but it was very colorful as I used red potatoes, yellow potatoes, and purple potatoes! It got pretty good feedback at the party, too.

What about the baking? Right. Saturday night I made 2 loaves of this Apple Pie Bread from My Baking Addiction. They came out way denser than I had anticipated and a teensy bit dry. I think I shouldn’t have squeezed so much liquid out of the apples, it could have used some. But anyway, 1 loaf is being given to Apple on Monday morning, and the other is for us to enjoy!

Today I spent most of the morning and afternoon whipping up cupcakes. We were invited to a Halloween party tomorrow night where everyone must bring something. While the guests do not have to dress in costume, the food they bring must be dressed up for Halloween! I signed up to bring a dessert and am very excited for it. I’ve had this Black Velvet Cake recipe in my pile for a long time and haven’t had a reason to use it. The cupcakes are so black it’s super cool. But they have to be dressed up. So half of them are going as scary spiders, and the other half have been filled with cherry and will be going as the victims of vampires. No picture of the vampire ones since they haven’t been decorated yet, but they’ll look more or less like these from Baking Bites.

That’s what I’ve been up to! We get another box on Thursday!