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Oct '13


Box from Sept. 26

Straight to the box…


Head of lettuce

Half pound green beans

One pound sweet potatoes

3 Seckel pears

2 apples

1 box of kiwiberries

1 bulb of garlic

1 bunch of broccoli

So the easy stuff of course were the apples and pears. Delicious snacks. The garlic sort of just got added to the numerous bulbs I already had laying around, though some garlic was used this time around. Now… kiwiberries. Have you heard of them? I hadn’t. Thankfully the CSA’s facebook page often posts things relevant to the contents of our boxes and was able to help me out with these little fruits. They are fantastic. I ate them raw like grapes and I think they’re really fun. If you’ve never had one, they’re basically like tiny kiwis but with smooth skin and I found them much sweeter. Really fun!

Okay since I haven’t had many photos to show you in the recent posts I’m going to make up for it this time! Get ready!


This is a little plate of green beans and mac and cheese. Perhaps not the healthiest dinner ever, but the green beans came out so well. I just blanched them and then sauteed with olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. They came out perfectly.


Slightly more balanced dinner here and shows off both the broccoli and the sweet potatoes! I just roasted the sweet potatoes, and I like them a bit spicy so they got garlic, salt, and red pepper. The broccoli was steamed as always. That is clearly the best preparation. I’m pretty sure Eric covered both his potatoes and¬†broccoli in ketchup, but whatever.


In addition to cooking with my box as I always strive to do, I did some fun baking. A good friend of mine requested pumpkin chocolate chip cookies as a gift for his birthday. I was more than happy to oblige. I based mine off this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction¬†and used dark chocolate chips. They came out very soft and chewy, though not cakey, and deliciously spiced. They seemed to be a hit with not only my friend who requested them, but also with the party-goers and officer workers who got the rest of the experiment.


While I had pumpkin around and an incentive to experiment I had to try out this pumpkin fudge recipe I’d been holding onto for at least a year. I had a bit of trouble getting the temperature up to the hard ball stage, but I just rolled with it and it turned out fine. The fudge was an even bigger hit than the cookies I think.


On the topic of experimenting, Eric and I really love nachos. We try nachos at every place that sells them, and we have our favorites. We have tried making them at home before and have failed a lot. How do restaurants do it?! Well we gave it another shot this past weekend and I think we got closer than ever before. One of the major tips? Pre-sizzle your chips before adding toppings! By that I mean put the naked chips under the broiler until they sizzle before you put any toppings on. It really made a huge difference. Along with using good quality chips. These were so good.


And because we were having such great food times, I made some chocolate chip pancakes on a whim. These were also delicious, and worked quite well considering my last attempt at pancakes was rather unsuccessful. Pancakes accomplished!


One last photo! I had the opportunity to get a new Keurig, so I got it in red to keep my mixer company. They seem happy.

Woo, that’s enough photos for a while!