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Oct '14


Box from Oct. 9


1lb Russian Banana Potato

1 spaghetti squash

1lb red onions

2 Bartlett pears

1 bunch rainbow carrots

2 Gala apples

1 bag black grapes

1 head of lettuce

As usual the grapes, apples, pears, and carrots were all eaten raw. I really love that I don’t have to buy those things at the store anymore, honestly. The lettuce went into salads, another item I enjoy not having to pick up at the grocery store. That leaves us with the onions, potatoes, and squash. The red onions I sliced up and caramelized and served over some potato/cheddar piergoeis. That was a pretty excellent meal, though I didn’t get any photos of it.

The potatoes I pan roasted and served as a side with broccoli. The main dish that night was the little spaghetti squash! I used the squash noodles instead of pasta in our usual spaghetti recipe, and Eric actually ate the whole thing. That meal went quite well as well!


That’s it for the box stuff, but we did make one other fun thing this time around.

IMG_0558 IMG_0559

We got some pre-made pizza dough and made out own strombolis! Mine is broccoli and ricotta while Eric’s is mozzarella, marinara, ham, and pepperoni. We had some logistical issues with the rolling and slicing, but they were tasty anyway. Kind of a fun homemade alternative to pizza!