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Nov '13


Box from Oct. 24

Fewer pictures this time, but here we go.


1 bunch beets

2 sugar pie pumpkins

1 bunch carrots

1 bunch kale

1 bulb fennel

3 pears

7 apples

As seen in the last photo of the Halloween post, those little sugar pie pumpkins were not eaten, but rather used for decoration. I drew little faces on them, and actually they’re still out there. I like them. Also seen in that post is that all 7 apples went into yet another apple pie! I enjoyed tasting the difference between the Rome apples this time and the Granny Smith last time.

Carrots and pears were raw snacks. Beets got roasted and kale got chipped.



I also harvested about 18 pomegranates off our tree! I took the seeds out of 6 of them, and sent the rest to Apple where many of Eric’s coworkers were thrilled to take them.


That is what 6 pomegranates worth of seeds look like.


This is what the juice looks like! Yum yum. I did add a little water and sugar to it to make it more palatable, but that’s a nice half glass of juice! And only 6 poms, hahaha.

That’s it for now.