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Nov '14


Box from Oct. 23

I don’t think I did much exciting with this box, but I still have lots of pictures this time around!


1 Delicata squash

2 King Richard leeks

2 D’Anjou pears

3 Red Bartlett pears

4 Gala apples

1 Hass avocado

1 bunch Nantes carrots

1 bunch broccoli

So mostly I ate this box as snacks. The pears, apples, and carrots, anyway. The broccoli was steamed for a side dish one night as usual. I made a salad where I intended to include the avocado, but it was actually either very unripe or something was wrong with it, so I had to throw it out. But here is a picture of that salad. It included one of the D’Anjou pears as well, and would have been so good with avocado!


The Delicata squash was roasted and filled with the same southwest black bean, corn, and quinoa mixture as I have used before. And it was absolutely just as delicious as the first time around. Both of the delicata squashes I have gotten in my boxes have tasted like a sweet potato. They are just so delicious I can’t get enough. But last year I tried to make this dish for Thanksgiving and the delicatas we bought at the store in Florida tasted horrible in comparison. Not sure why that is, but the product I get from this box is usually spot on.


One of the apples went to using up some leftover caramel I had made a while back. We had a fun dessert with it.


I know I’ve mentioned my crockpot potato soup before. I’m sure I have. I am obsessed with this soup. It is so good I can make myself sick eating 3 or 4 giant bowls of it and not regret any of those choices. I hadn’t made it in a long time so I decided to whip that out recently.


It looks like that, and then it turns into this delicious bowl. Seriously the best potato soup ever.


And finally, for a Halloween housewarming party we attended I wanted to take a crack at making donuts.


I made the dough and shaped it, then got ready to fry each donut.


Fried them up in a pot of oil, and set them off to the side to dry.


Finished with some chocolate ganache topping and a few sprinkles!


I was going for sweet, moist, and dense Devil’s Food cake donuts, but instead got something a bit different. They were a big hit at the party, though, so it’s all good. I’ll stay on the hunt for a sweeter, richer donut recipe, though.

Also here’s a shot of some truffles from a while ago just for fun. Flavors included plain chocolate, peppermint, cherry, and strawberry cheesecake.