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Oct '13


Box from Oct. 10

I have so many pictures again! What is happening in the world!



1 pomegranate

4 Gala apples

2 bartlett pears

2 bosc pears

1 head of lettuce

1 bunch of carrots

1 bunch of kale

1 pound russet potatoes

1 delicata squash

Why are there 2 photos this time? Well as with any truly fresh and organic produce… there were some critters on the lettuce and kale. I realized that after I put them up on the stove for the photo, and they needed to be immediately soaked and washed. So uh… that’s why.

But oh this box! This box! I had such fun with this box. The one thing I didn’t take pictures of was the pomegranate. I actually have a pomegranate tree in my back yard which is about ready to give me like a dozen of them. So with this little one, I just experimented with making juice! It didn’t give me too much, but it was a very small pomegranate. Bummer I forgot to photograph that.

I know I usually tell you I just went ahead and ate the apples and pears raw. Well, I did that with several of these, too, but a couple of them actually got cooked!



I had an urge to make an apple topping for some waffles, so there it is! Made for a more interesting apple story than usual, haha. And boy was it good. If you have some apples, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon I recommend simmering them all together and putting them on top of homemade waffles.

Now I was really excited for that little squash. It had so many possibilities! I finally decided to stuff it.


I combined parts of a couple different recipes to make this one. It was so fantastic I can’t even explain it. The roasted delicata squash tasted like a sweet potato, and the filling was a southwestern spice mix of quinoa, corn, and black beans. Holy smoke what a great dish! I ended up eating both halves of the squash that night, and then I spent the next week tracking down another delicata to make it again!! I hope to actually eat this as my main meal at Thanksgiving this year as well.

And then since I had some leftover filling…


Also delicious on that lettuce as a cold salad!

Whew okay, I’m ready to move on. So one of my favorite dishes as always been broccoli-cheese baked potatoes. I haven’t bought russet potatoes in a while, and I’m not sure why. So when 2 adorable little potatoes showed up in my box? Yup.


I think that’s about it for the box… the carrots were delicious as usual and I ate them as raw snacks dipped in hummus. Fantastic. I actually still haven’t used the kale yet. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks and I intended to make kale chips out of it. I will probably do that tomorrow. But as I said, there has been so much else going on!


Like we made this dutch apple pie! Not from box apples, but store bought granny smiths. It came out delicious as always and we’ve been picking at it with vanilla bean ice cream for a couple days.


Pardon me baking in my gym clothes, haha. But this picture just explains how I felt some nights… busy and messy!

And finally…


This is Buffy. She is a long haired corgi who attended a house party we had Saturday night. She enjoyed a Frosty paw, barked at stuffed animals, watched people play lawn games, and slept by the fire pit. It was a successful party.