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Nov '13


Box from Nov. 7


We have…

1 bunch of kale

1 leek

1 head of lettuce

2 red potatoes

4 apples

3 pears

4 fuyu persimmons

2 kiwis

1 bunch of radishes

No exciting news for the kiwis, apples, pears, or lettuce. I ate them all. They were delicious. The kiwis were especially sweet. The potatoes I roasted for a side dish one night. And honestly? I forgot about the radishes. Sorry, radishes. They went bad hiding in the bottom of the fridge. Also, I realized after last box that I hadn’t used my fennel! I roasted that for a snack. So don’t worry about what happened to the fennel. I ate it.

Okay now on to some of the fun experiments of this box. I took the leek and kale and incorporated them into a delicious vegan mujadara. Mujadara is a lebanese dish that mixes rice and lentils and is very tasty. I used this recipe here and made only half of it. Unfortunately I forgot at one point I was halving it and added the full amount of cayenned. Oops. It was very spicy, but I liked it anyway. I wished I had put in closer to the full amount of allspice and cinnamon, too, though. I recommend you try it!


Then I had a great time playing with the persimmons. I ate one raw cut into wedges, but it wasn’t thrilling me so I went looking for other options. Farm Fresh, the people who supply me with these boxes, suggested this cool persimmon tea recipe so I tried it.


This tea, or should I say infusion, smelled sooooo good while it was simmering. Oh man if you want to fill your kitchen with delicious smells, make this!


And it tasted so good. It was incredibly sweet even with no added sweetener. And the subtle spicy addition of the black peppercorns gave it so much depth.

Lastly, my other 2 persimmons became delicious cinnamony snacks. I called them “Percinnamon Chip”. Following this recipe you basically just sprinkle thinly sliced persimmon with cinnamon and dry them out in the toaster oven. They were so amazing! Cinnamon really brings out the flavor and the slightly chewy texture it gets is delightful. 2 of my persimmons went this way!


So that’s it for now. Normally I’d be getting another box tomorrow, but I cancelled the delivery since I’ll be gone for a week for Thanksgiving and wouldn’t want the produce to start going bad. So I will update you all again when I have another box to share!

Okay one more photo… my bird of paradise is blooming!