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Dec '14


Box from Nov. 13

Haven’t had a box in a few weeks now due to Thanksgiving coming right in the middle. Regardless, I have many pictures to share in this post!


1lb purple fingerling potatoes

3 Bosc pears

3 Cameo apples

1 lemon

1lb satsuma mandarins

1 bunch nantes carrots

1lb leeks

1 bunch spinach

I ate the carrots, mandarins, apples, and pears. The spinach I used among salads. The lemon I actually still have, but it will stay nice for a while.

I used the leeks with the purple potatoes and some additional gold potatoes to make a delicious gratin.


Sliced and ready to go


The leeks went in the middle, another layer of potatoes on top.


And served on the side of dinner!

I ended up using the rest of the leeks in a slightly different potato dish with the remaining gold potatoes as well.


Cooking up the leeks in some butter.


Pan roasted potatoes with leeks!

I think that’s about it for the box contents, but there is so much more to share!


I made a pan of baked mac and cheese one night just for fun.


Mac and cheese and broccoli go best together.


We also had another pancake breakfast!


Eric also did some cooking. There he is with his homemade buffalo chicken nuggets, and an apple pie he made cooling on the rack.


There is a slice of the pie now!

I think that’s it. I am excited for my upcoming box, though.