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Apr '14


Box from March 27

I have so many pictures for you guys this time!! Let’s start with the unpacking photo.


1 head of lettuce

1 head of red cabbage

Bunch of celery

Bunch of asparagus

Bunch of carrots

Box of strawberries

2 avocados

1 lemon

I had so many delicious things come from this box! The only thing that I will gloss over is the strawberries. We ate those. Yum. Oh and the avocados went onto some sandwiches I made along the way.


As usual the lettuce went into many side salads over the last couple of weeks. But one night we had salad for a main course topped with tuna salad. It was really really good and we should do that more often. It reminds me of a salad I used to get at a place that opened in Jamaica Plain while I was working there.


Next to go was the red cabbage. I didn’t want to just include it in my usual side salads, it seemed too special for that.


So this time around I made a red cabbage and snap pea slaw. I shredded the red cabbage, sliced up the snap peas, and tossed them together. I also had a little honey/lemon/olive oil dressing, but I used it so sparingly that it doesn’t even count. I had this salad for a side dish with dinners and also as part of some work lunches. It was fun!


This is a spaghetti squash. It wasn’t in the box, but I wanted to try making one again. I didn’t do very well with it last time I had one, so it was time to give it another go.


I thought it came out really really good this time. And there it is pictured with the red cabbage salad. Eric still isn’t sure he likes spaghetti squash because it crunches? Not sure. He ate the squash and the salad, but I know it was not on his top 50 list. I tried really hard to get the squash to have the mushy texture of pasta, but it just wouldn’t. I baked it for an hour at 400 and then microwaved the noodles again later for a minute to try and soften them. Not enough apparently. I thought it was delicious though. I tossed it with olive oil, garlic,  basil, oregano, parsley, red pepper flakes, and topped with parmesan. I had the leftovers for lunch the next day, too!


Here we see the carrots, celery, and asparagus waiting to be chopped.


I used the carrots, celery, and asparagus to make a really tasty vegetable soup. I added in some pasta shells, cannelini beans, onion, garlic, and broccoli to round it out. I still have some of this frozen for another time, but it was definitely a good decision.


This is a photo of a side salad and a bowl of cheese tortellini in red sauce. This is only exciting because I mixed the pasta with a vegetarian chicken and apple sausage. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten sausage and pasta before, but it was really good! The reason we were having sausage is…


A friend of ours made a bunch of homemade sauerkraut and gave us 2 giant jars of it as a gift for my birthday. So now we have a lot of kraut to work through. I bought Eric a bunch of sausages to help with it, and I didn’t want to feel left out. Eric had his real chicken and apple sausage topped with sauerkraut and some pasta in a bowl on the side.


I’m on a sausage kick now. No sauerkraut was eaten this night, but we did work through some sausage. I made a fettuccine alfredo tossed with broccoli and chicken apple sausage. That would be real chicken sausage for Eric and fake for me. I’m really into this sausage and pasta thing, it’s so good!

I also did some baking last week. Made a pan of brownies for my birthday and experimented again with the concept of a cupcake bouquet. I don’t have any photos of those things handy unfortunately, but they’re getting better.

New box tomorrow!