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Jan '15


Box from Jan. 8

I think I have some pretty cool things to share this time around, even though it seems like it has been a long while…


1 pound fingerling sweet potatoes

1 bunch beets

1 bunch broccoli

1 head of lettuce

2 navel oranges

3 fuji apples

1 pound blood oranges

3 d’anjou pears

What a great box, right? I was so excited for everything in here. I can tell you the fruits were all delicious and eaten for lunches or snacks, and the lettuce was and is being used as a base for salads. Also, we all know I love steamed broccoli so here’s the picture of that:


Alongside some pierogies topped with caramelized onions. Yum.

With the beets I decided to have another go at beet chips. Last time I tried they were just too thin and too small and they burned to a blackened bitter crisp and I had to throw them all out. This time, however, I actually had much better success.


Normally if I roasted the beets and saved them for a salad I think I’d only eat like half of one or maybe a small whole one at a time. But with these beet chips I ate 4 beets worth in the blink of an eye! They were so delightfully crispy and just a touch sweet under the salt I sprinkled onto them. Love those beet chips. Even if a few did still end up as blackened discs.

The sweet potatoes were really just roasted simply, but they came out so amazing. I spiced them with salt, pepper, cayenne, and cinnamon and roasted them until they were crispy outside and soft inside, and I could not get enough of them! Which was lucky for me since Eric ate one tiny piece and made a face about how he doesn’t like sweet potatoes. They were soooo good. I served them alongside our chicken/fish, and in addition to a side of mashed cauliflower. This mashed cauliflower was also out of this world. Yum!


That was an amazing dinner that I wished I was still eating after it was over. I had leftover potatoes and cauliflower for lunch the next day, and then also had even more of the cauliflower with some leftover chili the day after that. Just so good.

I also have quite a few things to share with you that did not come out of the box. These were some desserts we had during this time frame. The first one being waffle churros!


The batter was super easy to mix up and cook on the iron, and they were very tasty. The inside seemed to stay moist and a bit wet no matter how long I cooked them, but whatever, they were still delicious.

The next 2 both stemmed from wanting to use my little butane torch I got years ago and never touched. The 2 things that came to mind were, of course, baked alaska and creme brulee. I actually made the baked alaska first, but I’m going to talk about them in reverse. So I made the little custards for the brulee and those came out great.


I made 4 and actually still have some creme anglaise in my fridge waiting to be made into more. I think I might add some bourbon to that batch… Anyway, when we were ready to eat some I put down a layer of sugar and went to brulee it with my torch. It did work, we did have a crispy sugar coating on top, but I think my torch is just too small and weak to do it well. It just didn’t heat it hot enough quick enough or evenly enough. It was still delicious, though, even if the top wasn’t as uniformly golden brown as I would have liked.

And finally my baked alaskas. My torch is really very good for browning meringue!


I actually went back and browned it a bit more even after this. Really I just wanted to play with it more, haha, but I thought they came out beautifully.


Inside was a layer of homemade chocolate cake topped with a scoop of very good quality vanilla ice cream and covered in fresh meringue. They were absolutely delicious and really very easy to throw together! (at least for someone like me who always has cake and ice cream on hand!)

That’s it for this episode.  I actually just finished unpacking the next box and I am pretty pumped for the contents of that one, too. Also, I made a really fun birthday cake for Eric during this time, but you’ll have to visit the post about his birthday to see that one.