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Feb '14


Box from Jan. 30


This box included…

Head of lettuce

Bunch of spinach

Bunch of broccoli

Bunch of carrots


1 pear

2 apples

4 mandarin oranges

As usual I used the fruit and carrots as parts of my lunches or for snacks. The spinach and lettuce were eaten in salads. And the potatoes were roasted and the broccoli steamed as side dishes. I honestly love it when the boxes are this simple and delicious. I love that I can easily use all of the produce. Here is a picture of one of our dinners showing the lettuce and potatoes.


I also did a LOT of baking and experimenting in the last couple weeks. Most of it has been posted elsewhere so I won’t discuss it here, but there is one experiment I’ll show you. Mashed potato waffles. Yup. They’re amazing.


It was actually my first time making mashed potatoes from scratch. I guess it just never came up. But the first step in making these waffles is having delicious mashed potatoes on hand. So I started with that.


Then you mix your mashed potatoes with some other stuff and drop it onto a waffle iron. And you get these amazing little waffle potato bites!!


Of course everything is better topped with cheese and chives. Did I mention these are amazingly delicious?? Here are the instructions.  You should all try them at least once.

And most recently it was Valentine’s Day. I had told Eric I didn’t want to make reservations and go out and have a mediocre dinner this year. I just wanted a burrito from my favorite place and to stay in and watch a movie. We watched Last Vegas, which I loved, and had yummy burritos. And he also went all out getting me the traditional gifts as well. Awww. I got him 4 bags of Moose Munch.


Finally, here is a picture of Buffy looking a little more grown up. She spent a Saturday with me a couple weeks ago while everyone else went to Tahoe.