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Jan '13


Box from Jan. 18

This is gonna be a pretty big post! Lots of things have gone on in my kitchen in the last week and a half. But first, here are the main players from the last box we got:

1 Meyer lemon

2 apples

6 Satsuma mandarin oranges

1 bunch carrots

1 butternut squash

2 heads raddichio

1 bunch red chard

1 bunch spinach

The easy ones here are the carrots and oranges that went to being snacks. The farm carrots that we get are just amazing. They’re Nantes carrots which are smaller and sweeter than regular carrots. So far they’ve come in every single box, I think, and I love them. They’re so delicious I have trouble saving any for more than one snack time. I’ve been loving the mandarins, too, I’ll be sad when that season ends.

First up, the butternut squash and apples went into a soup together. It was a chance to use my crockpot, too! I used a recipe from Stephanie O’Dea’s Year of Slow Cooking, which is one of my favorite collections of recipes. Unfortunately, I don’t have an immersion blender, so I usually just ladle my soups into my Ninja and blend in batches. This worked as well as it usually does, but it did leave behind a few too many slippery onion bits that missed the boat. I wish they had gotten blended up more, but otherwise, this was a really flavorful and delicious soup.

In an effort to stop using packaged granola bars as part of my lunch, I tried make a big batch of something today with the intent of eating it as part of my lunches for this coming week. I went with an orzo salad that I’ve made before based on a recipe in my Clean Eating cookbook. It’s basically orzo, edamame, orange bell pepper, tomatoes, and herbs like basil and dill. I generally omit the tomatoes, and use dried herbs instead of fresh. It doesn’t much matter, and it’s easy to add or remove anything you have! This time I added in red pepper, green pepper, and the spinach from the box. This salad also calls for a great lemon and olive oil “dressing” that goes over it, so I zested and juiced my meyer lemon for that purpose. The meyer lemon added a nice sweetness instead of the super tangy citrus a regular lemon would add. I don’t mind this “dressing” because it doesn’t have vinegar, and there is so little of it that it just barely adds a nice lemon flavor and little moisture to the salad instead of making everything wet and drowning. This salad is delicious warm or cold!

The red chard was given a simple treatment and turned into some chard chips! Works just as well as kale, and is even prettier. All it takes is a little salt and olive oil. I ate the entire bunch by myself as soon as it came out of the oven.

I heard someone at Apple asked where my goodies had gone. Lucky for them, I’ve been dying to make these cookies. These are a peanut butter cookie with chocolate topping that I’ve made before, and have just been wanting to make again. They’re not terribly difficult, but they look impressive. Many of these will be eaten tomorrow by Apply employees!

Waiting to be filled….

They are so good!!

The only thing in the box that hasn’t been used and is stumping me is the radicchio. It looks so pretty, but doesn’t taste that great. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing else to do with it but chop it into a salad and hope everything else masks its flavor. Perhaps that will happen this week before the next box gets here.