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Feb '15


Box from February 5



1 head of lettuce

1 bunch of broccoli

1 hass avocado

1 Fuji apple

1 Braeburn apple

1 blood orange

3 Navel oranges

3 D’anjou pears

1 meyer lemon

1lb red potatoes

So apparently I didn’t take any interesting photos this box. Bummer, eh? I think it’s probably because most of it went to snacks. I’m sure the lettuce went into salads, and I’m sure I ┬ásteamed the broccoli as a side dish because it’s my favorite. The potatoes I roasted as a side dish as well, but I forgot to photograph them. The avocado went into a delicious lunch wrap with some of the lettuce and cheese.

The only thing I took a photo of was some lemonade and leftover cupcakes, ha! I made a pitcher of lemonade out of some lemons from my tree and the meyer lemon from the box.


Until next time!