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Mar '15


Box from Feb. 19


This box has….

1lb red potatoes

1lb brussels sprouts

1lb red onions

1 head of romanesco

1 tangelo

1 Hass avocado

1 bosc pear

Most of this box I just used in the usual ways. Eating the fruits for lunch, slicing the avocado into a sandwich, and steaming the romanesco like it was broccoli.

I was most excited for the brussels sprouts in this box actually. I wanted to get them to be crispy the way I’ve been having them at food trucks recently. It didn’t come out perfectly, but they weren’t bad!


I enjoyed them anyway, but I could learn a few tricks I think.

The potatoes I sliced into discs and roasted. They turned out beautifully, like thick soft potato chips. Yum.


And since it is Purim here are some raspberry and strawberry hamentaschen I made.