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Feb '13


Box from Feb. 15

Here is the box from Feb. 15:

In this box:

3 Fuji Apples

2 D’anjou pears

4 Murcott mandarin oranges

1 Hass avocado

1 bulb of fennel

1 bunch of broccoli

1 bunch of carrots

1 head of lettuce

The interesting thing about this box is that it was meant to come with a artichoke. The cool thing about my particular CSA is I can have an exclusion list! When I signed up I went through and excluded a bunch of things I know I’ll never want to eat. I can always update this list of course, and have recently removed eggplant from the exclusions. Artichoke, however, is gross, and remains on my exclusion list. So the farm is kind of enough to replace the items I don’t want with something else that’s in season and available. This week it was that little bulb of fennel. Cool!

This box was full of awesome ready to eat treats. I really didn’t have to use a recipe for any of the produce this week. Broccoli was steamed, fennel was roasted, lettuce was a salad, avocado went on a sandwich, etc. It’s been a nice easy box to eat up. There will be one more coming this week before we depart for Australia.

Other things have been going on in my kitchen, though. Last Sunday I made these little guys:

Sorry that’s a terrible picture. I made cake balls! These were just something I threw together so I used a yellow cake mix for the base. I did make a quick and simple cream cheese frosting to bind it, and then coated them in CandyQuik. Oh and I mixed in some sprinkles to the dough so Eric would be happy. They were fun and Apple loved them. There were people at Eric’s office asking for more and calling them magic. Who knew a boxed cake mix could be so exciting.

Today I made these brownies shared with me by Krista.

They are so delicious. Topped with gooey marshmallow, filled with graham crackers, and an overall chewy brownie. They were pretty easy, too! Hopefully Apple appreciates these tomorrow. I know Eric will when he gets home from snowboarding. I’ll definitely make these again but I’d like to experiment with mini marshmallows and maybe marshmallows in the batter. I overbaked one of the batches and the marshmallows just melted completely, so you do need to watch these guys.