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Dec '13


Box from Dec. 5

So I hadn’t gotten a box in quite a while since I altered my deliveries around Thanksgiving. I got a box on Dec. 5 while Eric was in China and I was puppysitting Buffy so that was fun. Here it is:


1 head of lettuce

1 head of raddichio

1 bunch of spinach

1 bunch of carrots

2 apples

3 kiwis

5 satsuma mandarins

About a half pound of purple fingerling potatoes

This box was pretty easy and delicious so I don’t have many photos for you. All the fruit and carrots were raw snacks. The lettuce and spinach went into salads.


That salad also has chopped dried apricots in it. I might be weird, but I like chopping dried things. Also candied ginger. It’s just fun.

The purple potatoes were a delicious side dish for a couple of nights.


And I ended up getting rid of the raddicchio. I realized I do not like it at all. I have also put it on my exclusion list so I won’t waste any more of it.

So that’s it! Easy box, not much to report. I have altered my box schedule again since we are traveling for Christmas and New Years. I won’t get another box until early January!!

In other news, my baby lemon tree is turning it’s baby lemons yellow very nicely. I pulled one down and made one little ¬†glass of lemonade tonight. It’s really good! I’m hoping they’ll stay alright on the tree while we’re gone and I can harvest a bunch when we get back for a whole pitcher of lemonade. Or lemon cake! Or any number of other awesome uses for fresh lemons.