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Dec '14


Box from Dec. 4

There was some gap in my box deliveries because of Thanksgiving, just like there will be again due to Christmas and New Years. In the meantime, though, here is the last box I got a couple weeks ago.


2 bunches Nantes Carrots

1 King Richard leek

1lb sweet potatoes

1/2lb yellow onion

1 delicata squash

1 Meyer lemon

3 Gala apples

2 Navel oranges

2 Bosc pears

2 D’Anjou pears

This box was clearly heavy on the fruits and ready to eat veggies! I had the carrots and the fruit all as snacks and lunches over the weeks. I don’t have a picture of what I did with that squash, unfortunately. I think my favorite recipe for delicata will always be that black bean and quinoa stuffing I’ve made numerous times. This time, though, it was such a tiny tiny squash and I was feeling lazy, I just ate it plain. I roasted it the same as always but it was basically a pre-dinner finger food snack, haha. Still as delicious as ever, though, even without the filling.

The sweet potatoes and leeks got the most exciting treatment this time I think. I roasted them with a bunch of spices including cumin, cinnamon, and cayenne, and then topped them with the leeks that I had crisped in a skillet.


This really made a delicious side dish one night.


And actually I just ate the leftover crispy leeks out of this bowl, too!

I had also remembered really enjoying some of that vegetarian sausage I had a while ago so we had some meals based off that again. This one was linguine alfredo with broccoli and chicken apple sausage (fake version for me).


That’s about all I have photo wise this time around. The onions went into making my latkes for Hanukkah, so they served a good purpose as well. I took some of my homemade latkes to work one day and shared with my coworkers. For some of them it was the first time hearing about Hanukkah and tasting latkes, and others were very excited to get the latkes because they already knew how tasty those are. Everyone enjoyed them, though, so that was nice.

I will be back after the holidays whenever my next box arrives!