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Sep '13


Box from August 29

Woo I’m a little behind on this one. The following one actually just came yesterday! So here is the box from August 29:


1 head of lettuce

Box of heirloom tomatoes

Bunch of beets

Box of black mission figs

Bag of summer squash

Bag of grapes

2 pears

This box was so easy that I have nothing to say about it. I roasted my beets and ate them in salads. The lettuce, tomatoes, and some figs also became salads. Pears, grapes, and rest of figs were raw snacks. Squash was just cut up into a vegetable stir fry one night. Easy!

I have no pictures to share with you of that food, but we did finally get to try out our fire pit in the back yard. It was quite lovely to have dinner on our patio and then hang out in the backyard around a fire. Can’t wait to do s’mores over that, but even just relaxing around it was nice. We don’t have a fireplace in the house, and besides that smell of camp fire and being outside was more fun.