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Aug '13


Box from August 1

This box came while my parents were visiting, so that was exciting. My mom brought it in for me since she was out for a morning walk and it was already here. Having visitors meant I had to got to share my produce with everyone. This time we had…


1 head of lettuce

1 bunch baby broccoli

1 box cherry tomatoes

Half pound gypsy peppers

Half pound green beans

3 yellow nectarines

2 pluots

2 bartlett pears

The fruits were all eaten as snacks by my mom and me. They were extremely tasty, as most everything from the box is.

The green beans became a side dish for my mom’s birthday dinner. I prepared them roughly the same way I did last box by boiling and then sauteeing in a little butter. I used Smart Balance flax oil spread this time because it is non-dairy and also added some salt since I only keep unsalted butter in the house. They seemed to be a hit.

Happy Birthday to ME!!

The lettuce, tomatoes, and gypsy peppers were eaten in a salad. You can see we have differing opinions on what makes good salad. The photo was taken before the tomatoes were smothered in salad dressing, which makes that salad even more gross. At least we both agree on cucumbers.


The baby broccoli was the loss of this box. I way overcooked it by accident and it got really chewy and sad. I ate it anyway, but it wasn’t as delicious as it should have been. Oops.

I have also been acquainting myself with my new oven. I made my mom chocolate cupcakes with mocha frosting for her birthday, I’ve made my old standby chocolate lava cake, and I tried a new recipe out this weekend. I think I’m starting to get it, though every oven has its quirks.




These mint chocolate crinkle cookies were a fun way for me to use up Andes mint pieces I had laying around. I used this recipe from The Galley Gourmet, but tweaked it just a little by throwing in some mint extract for half of the vanilla. They spread a little more than I would have liked, but they tasted amazing. They were also a huge hit at Apple yesterday garnering complimentary emails and requests for the recipe. These would do well on a holiday dessert spread, but they’re good any time and super easy to do.