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Sep '14


Box from Aug. 28

Man, I’ve been slacking on these boxes. Here is the last box I received.


1 bunch broccoli

1 bunch celery

1 bag red grapes

1 pound red potatoes

1 cucumber

2 yellow nectarines

2 bartlett pears

The (roasted) potatoes and (steamed) broccoli went alongside our usual chicken/fish dinner, but I forgot to take a photo. Everything else was just eaten as you may expect. The end.

Since I have so little to share here, maybe I’ll let you in on a secret that I’ve been keeping. When I originally started with these boxes the intent was to have them push me outside my comfort zone. I wanted to try new fruits and vegetables, be challenged to cook with them, and not have to decide in advance what produce I would buy. I liked the concept of building dishes or meals around what you had on hand rather than the opposite of that. And that worked out really well and was really fun for a long time.

Recently the company I order from added the ability to actually choose what goes into your box. You could always have an exclusions list, but this was legitimately swapping things in and out and crafting a box you’d like to have. At first I was very against the idea, thinking it would really defeat my original purpose. After a few more weeks, though, I realized I was often getting things I really just didn’t want to cook with or eat. My desire to use everything I received in an enjoyable manner was outweighing my desire to be surprised and challenged. So the last couple of boxes I have taken advantage of my choice to swap things in or out.

I have decided that receiving and eating local produce is still worth it. Even if I’m effectively still “shopping” for the things I want to have. At least I know they’re things I’m going to use, and I’m still limited by what the farm has to offer.