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Aug '08


Boston Harbor Islands

This weekend Eric’s parents are in town visiting! So this weekend we all went out to visit the islands that surround the Boston harbor. It was pretty fun, but I’m partial to water and boats in general.

The first island we hit, Spectacle Island, was a little boring. Very pretty views, but a lot of the same things. We hopped over to George’s Island from there which was much better. Had lunch there and then walked all in and around Fort Warren which is most of the island. Quite fun.  We were supposed to take another boat out out to the lighthouse from there, but it got canceled. Boo. No lighthouse.

Check out the pictures though, it was a gorgeous day and we had tons of fun exploring the islands. Definitely recommended as a fun getaway for lunch or relaxing by the water. It was pretty uncrowded even for a summer Sunday.

Update: A few new pictures added to the start of the album, and a sweet sunrise at the end.