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Nov '14


Boston 2014

Boston is such a beautiful city

We had a chance to go back and stay in Boston for 5 nights and attend my good friends’ wedding! Thanks to Jenn and Dan for getting married in the New England Aquarium so I could use their event as an excuse to come back to Boston.

The weather was pretty nice the whole time we were there, and we enjoyed walking and running along the Charles and through the city. I enjoyed Dunks everyday, and I have to say the 7 day linkpass is a bargain when you’re hopping here and there like we were. Oh, and when our flight out got cancelled and we had to stay an extra night?? Awesome.

Eric and I had an amazing time re-exploring the city and going back to all our old favorite spots. I think the photos will show most of that, minus a few food stops. We both got to visit old co-op bosses, old friends, and think about how much we miss living there. ┬áDefinitely can’t wait to go back, hopefully sooner than 3 years this time.