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Nov '13


Blake’s California Visit

Boys at the bridge

Our friend Blake came out to visit us in California!! Woohoo!! He has cousins that live very close to us so it was a great opportunity for him to see many of his friends and family all at one. He spent the first part of the week with his cousins and they showed him some local stuff including the usuals of SF. Then we got the weekend and the chance to show him a bit further away. Since we got him Friday afternoon, though, we were able to take him to tour Apple, see a sunset from Fremont-Older, eat some Mongolian BBQ on Castro Street, and also hang out with some drinks around fire pit in the backyard.

We spent Saturday touring to the south. Hit up the Mystery Spot first which was actually new to Eric and me as well. It’s cute I guess. The tour guide was adorable. Then we went to Santa Cruz. Sadly the landing down by the harbor seals was closed off but we could still see them from the pier above. ¬†After walking around the beach and boardwalk we hit Monterey. Did the usual walk down Cannery Row and otter spotting. Further south we drove Highway 1 to Big Sur stopping at the some lookouts and ultimately ending for a sunset at McWay Falls. I think that’s a pretty comprehensive tour to the south!

Sunday we went North. That direction doesn’t have quite the same route of obvious stops, but we picked a few. We started the day by visiting and driving over the Golden Gate Bridge which Blake hadn’t gotten to do yet. Following that was a long stretch up to Sonoma Plaza where we sampled cheese, wine, and chocolate and left with a few purchases. Always a great place to stop. Next stop was lunch at Russian River brewery in Santa Rosa to try some local beer. And finally a brewery tour at Lagunitas in Petaluma, another local favorite. Later that night we also met up with Blake’s cousin at a nearby In-N-Out for a shake and some conversation.

We had a great visit and I have a feeling Blake is seriously considering moving out here.