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Feb '15


Black Mountain Backpacking


We have been wanting to get camping again for quite some time, and even better if we can get use our nice backpacks! We found a great hike in campground with 4 sites that is  only a 30 minute drive from our house up in the open spaces overlooking the valley. We hiked the 2 miles in after an early workday on Friday and were able to enjoy the entire campground to ourselves that evening.

The hike up was not terrible and took less than an hour, but was still mostly uphill and very exposed. We saw quite a few deer, and some pretty nice views of the bay and the valley on the way up. We also wandered around during sunset and interrupted a bobcat eating a meal. Sorry, bobcat. Also, the views of the stars were pretty nice even considering some light pollution from the valley.

We would really like to go back there with some friends. It was a great compromise between car camping and more wildernessy backpacking. Made for a really great start to Valentine’s Day!