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Jul '11


Biking Pacifica and Crystal Springs Reservoir

We realized we hadn’t done anything terribly exciting recently so on Saturday we took our bikes further from home than they’d been before. We drove up to Pacifica, making use of Eric’s new roof top bike rack, and planned to ride along a water front trail to a restaurant for an early beach-side dinner. It was super foggy, but not too cold overall. I really enjoyed all the people out with their dogs today, too! Anyway, it wasn’t a huge trip and didn’t take that long, but it was a fun outing with our bikes. We went about 8 miles round trip, past 3 different beaches, and through some beautiful gardens.

On Sunday I was still pretty revved up from the previous day’s biking experience so I picked out our destination this time, and we set up the peninsula to San Mateo. This was billed as a paved path along a reservoir that lead to a 600 year old tree and finally to a beautiful view of a lake. It did not disappoint. This was about a 10 mile round trip ride, but relatively easy and very rewarding. I think I was more excited about the 600 year old Laurel tree (oldest and largest Laurel in the state!) than Eric was, but he took pictures with it anyway.