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Sep '11


Barcelona Day 2

View of our hotel from the beach and boardwalk

Our plan for Day 2 in Barcelona was to see pretty much everything else as quickly as possible. We skipped breakfast and took a cab to Las Ramblas, the main pedestrian strip of shops and vendors. Many cruise ships were in this day and there were plenty of people milling up and down the street. We wandered up and down the strip, in and out of some shops, bought a few things to take home from the street kiosks. We ended up having lunch right on Las Ramblas when we got tired of shopping.

After lunch we walked up to the top end of the street where we met our Hop On Hop Off bus that would take us around the city. We got on to a very full bus, but luckily found the last 2 seats all the way at the back on the top. We parked ourselves there and put in the headphones to enjoy a narrated bus top tour all around. Due to our time constraints we had chosen very few and very specific stops to hop off. The main one was to ride a sky tram up to the Castell Montjuic and check it out. Finally we got off at the monument of Christopher Columbus which is at the bottom end of Las Ramblas, and you can actually go inside and ride an elevator to the top for a view. We decided not to just because the line was long and we were getting tired. So instead we decided to try using the bus system to get back to our hotel since our multi-ride metro tickets were good for bus rides as well.

Back at the hotel we rested for a little, and then went out to the beach to try a swim. Unfortunately the water was far too cold for me, and that was a bust. Later on we walked down the boardwalk to look for dinner, and ended the night back in the hotel packing up for our cruise in the morning.