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Sep '16



Lake Moraine selfie!

Eric and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this year!! That’s pretty crazy and hard to believe actually. We had originally discussed flying to Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta to spend a few days doing nothing at an all-inclusive. But apparently we just aren’t those kinds of people. So instead we flew to Canada to visit the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park. It was really a delightful trip. I won’t outline it like I sometimes do because it was mostly just hopping from lake to lake and looking at how pretty they were. The captions will suffice for those. We did try to see the northern lights again this year as they were very very active during our trip, but it was too cloudy at night to see them. Boo. Also everyone who works in Banff is Australian. It’s really pretty impressive. Only one or two times did we come across any staff person or employee anywhere who was actually Canadian.

We had some pretty decent food considering the location, we saw very little wildlife unfortunately except one friendly chipmunk and a deer we startled at night, and of course we saw some breathtaking nature. I think it was a pretty successful anniversary trip that did not include any beaches or lounging.