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May '15


Back to Lima

This cat chose Eric's lap!

I was actually feeling pretty terrible by the time we actually went to sleep last night. I took some Tylenol and then did manage to sleep well all night. In the morning I felt decent. No more body aches. My stomach was hurting a bit, but I couldn’t tell if I was really really hungry or still kind of sick. We were mostly functional when we checked out and took a car to the airport.

When we went to check in the woman said our flight was delayed an hour and would leave at 11:15 instead of 10:15. They also gave us a voucher for breakfast at the one little restaurant in the airport, but we weren’t feeling ready to eat that kind of food. I wondered if the voucher was because our flight was delayed? We waited around the bottom of the airport for a while and then moved up through security to the departures area. It was a very tiny airport, but we looked in all of their shops and bought some more water and crackers. Eventually it was time to board and fly an hour and a half to Lima.

They served us drinks and a snack box on the flight. There were crackers similar to the ones we had been eating, some chocolate wafers, and a bag of “habas”. We didn’t know what that was at the time. I ate my pouch of them, they were very salty which I thought would be good for my risk of dehydration. Upon landing we again had to take a bus from the plane to the terminal. I was not a fan of this system. Also Lima was incredibly humid when we arrived. I guess it had been so dry in the mountain and canyon areas we didn’t realize how apparent the humidity would be in this city.

We took a taxi to our hotel in the Miraflores district and relaxed a bit. I finally looked up what “habas” are and they seem to be fava beans. I guess it was a pouch of either baked or fried fava beans with salt. After a short rest we went out to get a light lunch. We found what was basically Peruvian diner. A place with sandwiches, as well as omelettes, milkshakes, and desserts. We each had a sandwich followed by a chocolate filled churro. Quite tasty. To digest our lunch we took a walk through Parque Kennedy which is absolutely filled with cats. We walked all around the park first and then sat on some big steps to rest and watch the cats. Eventually one came and climbed into Eric’s lap. This was incredibly amusing as Eric hates cats and looked incredibly uncomfortable with the cat napping on his legs. He was a good sport and tolerated it for a while before we got the cat to move to my lap. I let it nap curled up on my lap for a very long time. Finally, though, Eric’s stomach still wasn’t feeling great and we needed to get back to the hotel. Removing this cat from my lap was a lot more difficult than getting it there in the first place. Every time I shifted it shifted with me, completely unperturbed. Finally I started pushing his butt and trying more firmly to remove him. I got hissed at for my trouble but he still didn’t want to go. It took a bit of persistence, and a bit of guilt on my part for making him leave, but we parted ways. I’m sure he found another lap very quickly.

We rested at the hotel for a while, entertaining ourselves with the Spanish TV. We played “guess the rules of this game show”, and also discovered a whole host of fun movies in Spanish. I watched most of The Road to El Dorado, some of A Bugs Life, and then a bunch of 10 Things I Hate About You. Eric still wasn’t feeling well enough took back out for dinner so we ordered a late room service. He got a chicken Caesar salad and I got some sort of pasta with sautéed vegetables. We chose to eat it outside on our gigantic and nicely lit balcony in the delightful Lima evening weather. It would have been super adorable and romantic if the food hadn’t been gross. It smelled weird and tasted bleh. I had a little and left the rest. I had been feeling really good until that pasta kind of set me off again. At least the shower was nice after laying in bed for 24 hours the day before and then a flight. We just decided to sleep and see if we could enjoy more of the area the next day before we had to go.