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Jun '17


Arriving to Copenhagen

Our flight actually took off from San Francisco on Tuesday June 20, but we didn’t land until Wednesday so that’s where I decided to begin. We had some pretty good food on the flight, plenty of free movies to choose from, and we slept a few hours. Upon arriving at the Copenhagen airport we encountered the worst passport control check we had ever seen. There were three officers checking for all non-European passport holders, and there were hundreds of those people with us. That crowd level wouldn’t be out of the ordinary if there had been more stations open, or any kind of organization at all. It was just a giant sea of people with no direction or queue, and fairly regularly a car full of elderly or injured people would very slowly try to drive through the mass of able bodied people who were standing in a mob causing impossible shifts. It was an awful experience, though it really only took about 45 minutes so I suppose we have had worse wait times. They should really make a queue, though. We found our baggage and made our way into the main section of the airport easily. We decided to buy the 72 hour “Copenhagen Card” because we felt that we would really use that value on this portion of the trip. It came in handy right away as we hopped onto the metro to take us from the airport into the city. Free with Copenhagen Card! That was an easy and pleasant experience, and we got checked into the hotel right away.

We stayed at Hotel Bethel in the Nyhavn area. Our room had a view over the iconic multicolored buildings that everyone photographs here. It was incredible. After a short rest we went out to a nearby mall to buy a cable Eric forgot at home that would allow us to transfer photos from his camera to his laptop. Yay. We took that along and used our Copenhagen Card at the next stop: a canal boat tour! Free with Copenhagen Card! We had a really lovely hour long tour through the canals with a guide who was very busy describing everything in Danish, English, and German constantly. It was impressive. Overall that was a great tour, and It was a beautiful and inexpensive thing to do when you’re sort of jet lagged. I think Eric fell asleep on it, actually.

We had nothing particularly planned for after that canal boat tour, so we just walked around a little. We found all the shops on Strøget and poked around there for a while. We enjoyed the Disney store and the Lego store along with many clothing shops. We started getting hungry so we tried one of the many, many hot dog vendors. This one had a veggie dog for me so it was perfect for us to grab street food for dinner. We ate that on the side of the street and then started heading back towards Nyhavn. On the way we found ice cream we just had to have. It was very tasty, and we finished eating it as we overlooked the water from the deck behind the Danish Royal Playhouse. We relaxed there a long while just enjoying the view and the water and the gorgeous weather. When we realized we might be jet lagged we made our way back to the hotel and settled in for the first night. At 8pm. In broad daylight because sunset was not scheduled until 10pm.