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Sep '11


Amalfi Coast and Pompeii

Evey out at the end of the pier with Amalfi in the background

Our ship docked in Naples for the day, and many people simply walked ashore to check out that city, but we did not. We got on a bus to tour the Amalfi Coast, the city of Amalfi, and finally the city of Pompeii. I’ve always wanted to go to Pompeii since I was little, I find it fascinating, and it did not disappoint.

But the first part of the day was spent admiring the terraced coastline from the comfort of our tour bus. It was actually pretty terrifying being in the bus on such narrow roads and taking blind turns where other angry car and truck drivers insisted on passing us with absolutely no room to do so. Regardless, every view of the coast was more breathtaking than the last. It was an unreal experience to drive through that area and think that people live there.

We arrived in the city of Amalfi and had an hour to explore. We walked from the beachfront, up through the main square and the Duomo, further up into the residential area of the city. The streets in Amalfi are all very very narrow, some very steep or with stairs, and branch out into impossible mazes. We didn’t want to get too lost. We ended our time there checking out the shops, which pride themselves on their Limoncello, but we ended up only buying Limoncello flavored gelato.

We drive a town or two over for lunch next. Lunch was provided on the rooftop terrace of a small hotel in a town I no longer remember. But the weather was so perfect, breezy, with blue skies, and a view overlooking the ocean and the hills. We had a delicious multi-course lunch served to us, and it was one of the most amazingly peaceful moments of the trip.

Arriving at Pompeii we took off for fast paced walking tour of Pompeii. Our guide was very good, explaining all the advancements they had in this town like sidewalks, crosswalks, house addresses, sliding doors, shops with bulk merchandise and checkout counters, and well designed bath houses with water of different temperatures. Everything was so fascinating and so well preserved. I didn’t realize how large the city was, though, and we only saw a very small portion of it. Not to mention a huge portion is still being excavated. My favorite parts of Pompeii were seeing the bodies cast in lava, and also the view of Vesuvius towering over the Forum and imagining what it would have looked like then.