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Mar '13


Alice Springs Day 2

We got to wake up a bit later today, and we had also paid to have late checkout at the hotel so that was a nice touch in allowing us to relax in the morning for once. We lounged around and basically didn’t get out of the bed until like 11am. Then we went straight to the hotel pool which we had been wanting to do since we arrived. It was very pleasant, and it has a swim up bar with in-pool seating, but it was closed at that time. We played there for maybe an hour, and then went back to the room to shower and pack up.

We were out of the room by 1pm and left our bags with the front desk while we walked into town. We had intended to try a pizza place for lunch, but apparently it’s only open for dinner. Right across the street was a Subway, though, so we had some tuna subs and got to try Australian Subway. It’s pretty much the same as at home. After hitting up an ATM for some extra cash we stopped in for an ice cream at Uncle Edy’s. They had a tim tam flavor so I just had to get that. It was delicious.

We walked back to the hotel and relaxed in the lobby for a short while before calling a cab to the airport. We arrived at the airport to find out our flight was about an hour delayed so we ended up being super early. Oops. The flight was nice, serving a hot dinner and coffee/tea service even though it was only 2 hours long. Unfortunately since a lot of flights were delayed tonight due to coastal weather, the shuttle we were scheduled to take was also delayed. I had expected to land at the airport around 8ish, and get to our hotel around 9:30 or 10. In reality we landed at 9ish, and the shuttle didn’t even leave until 10. We got to the hotel just after 11 and tried to get some sleep.