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Sep '11



Evey posing along the way

Our first port of call was Toulon, France. On this day Eric and I chose to visit a small town called Aix-en-Provence. This is the town of Paul Cezanne so I was intrigued to visit and learn about it’s history. We went on a very brief walking tour through the main squares of the town, and then were set free for about an hour to explore on our own. There seemed to be some sort of street fair going on this Sunday so that was interesting to see. And there was also a farmer’s market in one of the squares.

I really enjoyed hearing about how ancient everything there is, even the updates and the renovations are ancient on top of the extra ancient original buildings. It was overall a very quaint little town, and full of tourists on this day. We did stop in a convenience shop to buy some bottled water, I found a shop to buy some specialty candies that are made in the town, and we also got some gelato on the way out.

The rest of the day back on the ship we checked out the Flowrider and the rock climbing wall as well as other fun activities.