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Nov '17


Yosemite Fall 2017

Posing at Glacier Point

We were super lucky and snagged a last minute camp site at Upper Pines right in the valley. We have been to Yosemite so many times now, but always managed to stay in different places and do different hikes so far. Even though the stunning views are basically the same every time now, we have also seen them in all the different seasons. The golden color on some of the trees was particularly nice this… (more)

Nov '17


Halloween 2017

Posing with a cool headless horseman statue

This Halloween season was pretty awesome. We started with a bike ride along the coast to a beach we enjoy, choosing our own pumpkins from a farm across the way from the coastal bike trail, decorating the house, carving the pumpkins, putting a costume on the dog, passing out candy with our neighbors, and best of all: going to Disneyland! We have been to Disneyland for the Christmas stuff, but never for the Halloween stuff,… (more)