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Oct '15



We felt super lucky to see these that night

Before I get into the nice long narrative of this trip, I wanted to say that it is bonkers to me that we’ve been at this for 10 years. TEN years. Eric and I started taking photos of our friends and our activities in September of 2005 and we have essentially archived our lives here since then. It’s awesome to have such a cool record of everything we’ve done together. Which remind me, the reason… (more)

Oct '15


Fall Foods


Hey everyone. I know it has been a really long time since I posted here. I guess I’ve been busy traveling and working and baking for money (yay!). Aside from all that, though, the boxes just became super repetitive to the point that I felt bad posting the same thing all the time. I still get them every other week as I always have, and I still use them in the same ways. But that’s… (more)