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Feb '15


Box from February 5

Box! 1 head of lettuce 1 bunch of broccoli 1 hass avocado 1 Fuji apple 1 Braeburn apple 1 blood orange 3 Navel oranges 3 D’anjou pears 1 meyer lemon 1lb red potatoes So apparently I didn’t take any interesting photos this box. Bummer, eh? I think it’s probably because most of it went to snacks. I’m sure the lettuce went into salads, and I’m sure I ¬†steamed the broccoli as a side dish because… (more)

Feb '15


Black Mountain Backpacking

We have been wanting to get camping again for quite some time, and even better if we can get use our nice backpacks! We found a great hike in campground with 4 sites that is ¬†only a 30 minute drive from our house up in the open spaces overlooking the valley. We hiked the 2 miles in after an early workday on Friday and were able to enjoy the entire campground to ourselves that evening…. (more)

Feb '15


Box from Jan. 22

I was really excited for this box, I think I mentioned last week. So let’s jump in… 2 red onions 1lb ruby crescent potatoes 1 butternut squash 1 bulb of garlic 3 navel oranges 3 pink lady apples 1 fennel 1 bartlett pear 1 green onion 1 bunch of carrots The pear, apples, oranges, and carrots were all fantastic raw snacks as always. What I was really excited about was the red onion, fennel, and… (more)